梅雨明け前、脅威と恩恵 与える自然




 If it doesn't rain, I will walk 4K this morning from 6 am to 7 am before breakfast on the bank of Kabra-river as usual. It's a real cinch. Oh, before this training, I will drink a cup of thick tomato juice for antioxidant activity that is very effective against cancers.

 By the way, A few gladioli are blooming as you see in the garden. There are many rainy days in this rainy season, so it blooms very well. The weeping forsythia that was replanted the other day took roots, so it will grow and her branches will hang next spring and It will bloom a lot of yellow flowers that is worth seeing. There are a lot of yellow things around me. Today is my birthday.



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2019年7月15日 (月)

梅雨開けは 当分先か 夏恋し・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・回転し 水撒く庭の 宇宙船





 "The sea day" of Japan should be set a little bit later due to in the midst of rainy season. It is raining every day. In this summer, many dams in Gumma Prefecture that are water fountains for the metropolitan area such as Tokyo, will eliminate the water shortage.

 By the way, watering the garden is done with this equipment as you see. If water is sent to this equipment, it will turn around naturally and will continue to moisturize a radius of about 10m in diameter. Human made a good thing by the brain with using centrifugal force. However, for the time being, there is no turn. I can not wait for the hot summer because my second homeland is India. Under this condition, a first day of fall will come before summer comes.


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2019年7月14日 (日)

年一回 レントゲンに 心電図



 I changed the walking course the day before yesterday. I passed by a sculpture like this. People who pass for the first time at night may imagine that a real gorilla comes out because it is life-sized. This situates near the southernmost park in Yamana-town, Takasaki-city. What sort of reaction does a infant show when seeing it first time?





 Today, I went to Agatsuma neurosurgery, where I have been diagnosed for 20 years, for a chest X-ray examination and an electrocardiogram. Doctor K's judgment was both normal. Doctor K is also a mentor of "Tamashite Gatten".

 Previously I suffered from extrasystole and mild arrhythmia, but recently I do not felt it myself. It's a secret, I am doing anti-arrhythmia gymnastics every day. Since I did this exercise, I have never suffered from arrhythmia. It is an exercise that softens the inside of the left shoulder blade. Concretely, it needs to turn the left arm dynamically around 20 times like the crawl of swimming as one set.


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2019年7月13日 (土)

ロコモ対策 認知対策 先ずウォーキング  




 There are two benefits of walking, one is the fulfillment of physical function. Concretely, this is the training of legs and aerobic exercise that activates the cardiopulmonary function. The other is that the brain is stimulated by external events that we can see.

 Yesterday I walked 4 km through Kabra-river bank from 4:30 pm, and I was attracted by the scattered plants named Yusuge, and I got a glimpse of dancing by the short life of many swallowtail butterflies. On the other hand, a huge bridge between Takasaki-city and Fujioka-city has been completed, and access road construction is progressing now. Someday you will pass this bridge as well. As the result, the beer after walking was delicious.



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2019年7月12日 (金)

この夏は 日照不足で 開花が遅れ






 A crape myrtle which begins to bloom around July 7 every year in my garden, has not yet bloomed this year due to lack of sunshine. There are estimated 10,000th of buds, and they are waiting for coming out of the sun. As a result of watering by me through a year, the tree itself became bigger than last year, it became about 7m from end to end of the branches. It makes a big shade while in midsummer and cools the air.

 The place of origin of crape myrtle is said to be southern China, and allegedly it was brought to Japan by the Chinese people who evacuated and settled to Japan by some historical reasons before estimated 1000 years ago.




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2019年7月11日 (木)

暫くぶり 性能維持に 黄色で走る


Dear foreigners,
 If you copy the sentences of the blog by dragging, then paste to Google in the right side of the blog, you can hear the voice of your own language not only in English, but in your mother tongue all of the world.







 ご来迎でこの山に登頂する方は多くても、この写真を撮った場所に来る人は少なく、ここからの景色は誠に素晴らしいです。高い位置から高い山を見るので、その美しさは言うに及ばず、自然が有する雄大な姿に思わずため息が出ます。見学できる場所は狭い山の山頂です。この光景は正にbreath-taking sceneryといえます。





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予想外 ハイビスカスに 応援され





 ・・・I wrote the sentences yesterday morning.・・・ 

  My favorite hibiscus bloomed when I went out this morning. It is the first blooming of this year. I will go to Tokyo today. It is blooming with good timing, she says as if "Be careful going and returning".


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2019年7月10日 (水)

生き返った ハイビスカスが もうすぐ開花



 As scheduled, yesterday I took the neighbor's person named Mr. Takano to and bring from licensing office for his driver's license return by my car. The legal procedure was about 30 minutes. He said "I felt lonesome a little" But he got priority to safety, so it is a courageous decision. He seems to have received the taxi ticket which can be used for the time being and the certificate of taxi's ten percent discount which can be used in the future. He was my boss in a broad sense. I will continue to help him something in daily life from now on.



 This plant is a potted hibiscus. The leaves were wilting and it was about to die because I left it outside until around December of last year. I forgot that this origin was a southern plant. After that, I grew up in the warm corridor from winter to spring. It became big and has eight buds now. Allegedly this plant is said to be a national flower in Malaysia. My hibiscus is going to bloom soon in front of the entrance, and it may bloom on my birthday.

 In addition, I will go to Tokyo today so as to change my life more fortunate.




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2019年7月 9日 (火)

小学生の 輝く未来に 安全指導




 Yesterday was the day of patrolling at Kuragano Elementary School children's road. What's wrong? After lunch, I took a nap, when I waked up it was after 3 o'clock, I hurried to school road in the uniform.

 Unlike a calm and peaceful road like the photo, the school route is complicated. However, I felt that the children have energetic appearance and who have full of brilliant future. I also have "Waka" in my name. As the name suggests, I'd like to be young in heart forever.

 Not change the subject, but the upper bank is in Kabra-River in Kibe-town, Takasaki-city, Gumma and it is my favorite 4km walking course. As you can see, the forest on the left is the shrine for longevity that allegedly my ancestors made during Edo period.


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2019年7月 8日 (月)

巨樹の幹 不思議な穴が 今もなお




 As you can see in the photo, the huge tree is a zelkova. The age is estimated 400 years old. I can see it to the east from the window of my house, and It situated in the south of Kuragano Elementary School. Probably the oldest tree in Kuragano town. In summer, I can hear at my house a loud chorus of thousands of cicada on this tree.

 Curiously, there is a big hole about 50 cm in diameter at a height of about 10 m of the trunk. I have ever asked the owner why there is a hole. He says, "I do not know the reason, it had been opened when I was a kid". Perhaps it had been opened since the Edo period I guess. Therefore this is one of the Kuragano's Seven Wonders.



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