Dear my friends abroad
 Rarely I'm going to the dermatology hospital this afternoon by reservation. There's something strange boil or eruption which is growing up around my hairline, so I'd like to have it removed.
 P.S.: It was my first time visiting a dermatologist, so I was confused about finding the place. I received immediate treatment and it was over in about 10 minutes.
 However, the staff at the counter were polite and the doctor was a young woman, so I wanted to go again. I highly recommend this dermatology. This is "Sumire Dermatology" in Takasaki City.
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Dear my overseas friends
 This morning, when I went to the radio gymnastics venue, I wore socks and long sleeves for the first time in this season. A thermometer near the venue showed 14 degrees Celsius, which is quite low. Until recently, the temperature was close to 30 degrees even in the early morning, so the Japanese season is rapidly moving towards autumn.
 At the same time, in the western sky, the waning moon, age 19, stands out in the bright blue sky, indicating that four days have passed since the previous "Harvest Moon." When you zoom in on a photo of the moon, you can will clearly see the craters below, and you can understand that the sun is hitting this part from the side, and we can see that there is a desolate world on the moon surface.
 Not change the subject, but during radio gymnastics, I consciously try to take deep breath when I move my body. I recently discovered that when I raise my shoulders and arms, I can get more air into my chest than when I take a normal deep breath. The next time I measure my vital capacity, I'm looking forward to knowing the numbers because if I inhale to my chest's full and then raise my shoulders even more, I'll be able to inhale more air. Everyone please try it.
 Always breathe through your nose when taking deep breath. What's more, when you vomit, you "purse your mouth". By doing this movement, your residual air will be well produced, and a lot of oxygen will be inhaled into your body. I believe that deep breathing is healthier when done in the midst of lush trees.
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2023年10月 2日 (月)


Dear my overseas friends
 The crape myrtles started blooming on July 16th as if to celebrate my birthday and have been blooming for 75 days already. This crape myrtle may be the most widespread branches in my Kuragano-Town. I've been walking around town, but I haven't seen any large crape myrtles.
 What's more, she is still in full bloom and her colors have not faded, I feel she has a sense of vitality this year. As for the cause of this condition, is this summer's intense heat a favorable climate for her, as she is native to tropical countries? Thanks to this, I felt cooler when I entered into the wide shade.
 Not change the subject, but just like crape myrtles, I am also trying to think out what I can do to keep my body and mind well. As you already read, I sometimes wrote about physical health methods, such as Calf-Raising for smooth blood circulation, Teppo like a push up to strengthen the upper body, and I drink non-sweet juices that contain antioxidant such as beta-carotene, lycopene, and isoflavones on an empty stomach every early in the morning. I participate in radio gymnastics sessions, and do the aforementioned walking.
 However, the important mental aspect is that I have been forced to live alone for 19 years, so that "how to live my daily life" is an urgent issue for me. In fact, if I look at the participants of radio gymnastics events, many of them live alone, and this is human destiny. Couples end up alone in the end, so I don't think it's just my fate.
 I try to live a "life with challenges" every day. Yesterday, I got an A4 university notebook with 80 pages. I use this notebook as a vocabulary book and focus on one thing "How to say this word in English." For example, I looked up the word for the aforementioned "antioxidant effect" in a Japanese-English dictionary and wrote it down in my notebook, including the phonetic symbols and accent. Every day, I discover new words and phrases one after another, therefore there is no end point. I feel like "life is an endless journey".
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2023年10月 1日 (日)












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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 As you know, I'm not a heavy drinker, but I like fun talking about random with sharing drinks with a person, and I think this behavior will continue for the rest of my life. A long time ago, my father and mother also enjoyed drinking, so I am grateful to them that I am descended from their blood.
 However, my father seemed to suffering from sinusitis, and my mother had hypertension. What happened? I also inherited these diseases from my parents. That's why I sometimes rely on my local doctor. Still, I've been making changes to my lifestyle and taking various precautions, so that I feel better now than before.
 I have enjoyed drinking ever since I was young and staying in Calcutta city. I remember that the Hindus and Muslims around me didn't seem to drink much, but there was taverns in town, and I would often go out there after some event, saying it a review meeting.
 I got this container like an Arabian feel, thinking about how much fun it would be, if I drink with wife together while dreaming of the future, but we've never used it before. This is currently in my piano room. I may be just intoxicated by playing the piano. It's a valuable item that I acquired with great effort in my youth, so I'd like to be able to use it someday. That's right, for now I want to use it for off-line meetings on Facebook.
 October is in full swing from today. If I enjoy drinking alcohol before dinner, It needs for me to spend the daytime hours studying, working, and exercising to the fullest. If not, I'll end up being just another drinker. In order to make delicious alcohol, I must accompany it with a fulfilling daytime.
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2023年9月30日 (土)


Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 September ends today, and 93 days left until the beginning of 2024. When I was a child, a year seemed like a long time, but as I get older, the year seems to be much faster. Life may be surprisingly short beyond expectation. I had about 200 friends in my Kuragano Junior High School, but recently I hardly see them.
 Meanwhile, yesterday evening, when I was walking around Kuragano-town, I met a female classmate for the first time in 50 years, and we talked for about 20 minutes on the road, and I felt like I was a child again. She lived near my old house, and her name was "Ecchan", and she called me "Hirochan". She knew all my brothers' and sister's names, but I completely forgot her sibling, and as we spoke, we came back to the old days. She lives with her husband.
 Changing the topic, what is that spaceship-like building in the photo?
 This name is Sky Terme, a day-trip hot spring facility in Shibukawa City which is in the middle of Japan. I haven't been there in recent years, but I used to go there often. There is an indoor bath and an open-air bath at a height place about the fifth floor of a building, and we can soak in the hot water while looking out at the scenery of Mt. Akagi and Mt. Haruna. When I had racing pigeons, I used to train them here and bathed after releasing them.
 By the way, lately, I've been focusing on the feeling of warmth when I take a bath. Blood vessels become more flexible for allowing for smoother blood circulation.
 For health, I daily exercise includes calf-raising for my heart, exercise to strengthen the upper body's muscle and blood circulation. Above all, I drink anti-oxidant effect juice to prevent cancers.
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2023年9月29日 (金)


【今宵18時05分に撮りました十五夜です。私たちの地球も今宵の満月のように、暗黒の宇宙空間にぽっかり浮いているのです。This is a harvest moon taken at 6:05pm by me tonight. Just like tonight's full moon, our Earth is floating in the dark space.
Dear my friend abroad as an earthling
 This time the sentences are very long, therefore I'm sorry that I can't interpret simultaneously into English for you. Any rate, as you know, it will be a harvest moon tonight in our country and in your country at the same time. I wrote about this astronomical phenomenon which will be occurred tonight.

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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 The photo shows a panoramic view of Mt. Haruna (1,449m above sea level), which towers in the center of Gumma Prefecture, Japan. All the peaks can be seen from my Kuragano-Town and are spectacular. The reason for this is that Mt. Haruna stretches from southwest to northeast, and Kuragano-Town is located in the southeast so that we can see the panoramic view from the just in front.
 As you can see, Mt. Haruna is made up of many peaks, each of which is originally thought to be a volcano. I have climbed almost every peaks so far. Magnificent views can be seen from each of the peaks, and the view of western Gumma Prefecture can be seen particularly well from the summit of Mt. Tengu at the western end. What impressed me most was Mt. Sohma, which is apparently the highest mountain and offers a panoramic view of the Kanto Plain. We can also see Mt. Fuji clearly.
 In the center of Mt. Haruna is the caldera of Lake Haruna, which is a large lake that Ms. Sarah Spence had seen, with a circumference of approximately 4 km. Even now, I sometimes walk around the lake feeling the minus ion. I'm looking forward to soaking in Ikaho Spa on the way back. However, bears occasionally appear, so you need to be extremely careful when climbing Mt. Haruna. My friend Arcadia encountered a bear here, and while he was running away, he fell and broke his leg, but he still ran away.
 On the other hand, on the hilly area on the north bank of the Agatsuma-River, there are the Kuroimine ruins, which contain the ruins of a village from the Kofun period of 6th century that was buried by the eruption of Mt. Futatsu-dake in Mt. Haruna. The location is just west of Komochi Junior High School.
 When I previously was raising racing pigeons, I conducted pigeon release training several times here at a distance of about 25 km. From the Kuroimine ruins, you can clearly see the cityscape of Japan's famous Ikaho Spar. The conical mountain at the top of this Facebook page is the easternmost Mt. Mizusawa.
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2023年9月28日 (木)


Dear my overseas friends who are crazy about conversation
 In the garden, there is a round table so as to be ready to have a chat with guests, whenever they are in sight. After living alone for 19 years, I realized that we humans can connect with people through words, and I find it extremely rewarding to meet people.
 Human beings have a precious each history, have different experiences, have various ways of thinking and hobbies, and they live their daily lives. Because of this, each people have unique ways of feeling and seeing. Listening to it inspires me, immerses me in a new world, and gives me new impressions which leads to dialogue.
 When we talk so hard to each other, we need something to soothe our throats, and when we drink a cup of tea, it not only goes down our throats, but also soaks into our bodies, which gives new ideas and sparks the next conversation.
 Not change the subject, but my district is called Kami-cho in Kuragano Town because it is close to Kyoto. Yesterday evening, I walked downtown and stopped by the residence of Mr. O who is an old friend of mine, but the husband was busy with his hobby.
As a result, I spoke to his wife at the entrance after a long interval.
 She told me that she had recently fallen and broken a bone of left leg in the house, and had been hospitalized for a while. At that time, I told her that I spend all day barefoot inside the house, especially during the summer.
 Slippers or socks may tend to slip on the flooring if we move suddenly. There was some moisture in the soles of our feet so that it doesn't slip on the floor if we walk by barefoot. As a result, I was comforted by her smiling from start to finish, which gave me energy for my walk to home. I headed home, remembering that we are connected to humans through words.
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2023年9月27日 (水)


 肝心の私の家は写っていません。もっと左です。今日も倉賀野をウォーキングし、Hunger is the best sauce.を胸に夕食が美味しくなるように心掛けます。歩けば、思いのほかビールが美味しい。
Dear my friends abroad who do not afraid of acrophobia
 Sometimes it's fun to look down on my home from a high place. This photo was taken looking west from the top floor of the tallest apartment building in Kuragano-Town, Takasaki-city, Japan where I live. You can also see Takasaki-Kannon Statue in the middle of the mountains in the foreground. This area is approximately 36 degrees 17 minutes north latitude and 139 degrees 02 minutes east longitude.
 Although hidden behind clouds, the distant view in the center is the famous active volcano Mt. Asama, and the saw-shaped mountain on the left is Mt. Myogi. The sharp mountain on the remote right is Mt. Asama-Kakushi.
 To the regret, the most important my house is not shown. It's more to the left. I will be walking again in this evening so as to be delicious dinner with the idea that "Hunger is the best sauce." if walking around, the beer will be delicious beyond description, of course, thinking of you.
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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 I rode on the back of a horse twice in my life. In modern Japan, we don't really have that kind of environment, so all of these happened overseas.
 The photo was taken in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, as you can see the mobile house named "Pao" in Chinese in the background. In fact, one of my racing pigeons that had strayed into Inner Mongolia, and I received a letter from China, so I went to reunion my pigeon. There was an organ in the Pao, so I played the Chinese national anthem, as the result, everyone clapped and got excited, and we had fun friendship between Japan and China. I realized that music is universal.
 When we ride a horse, our eyes are higher than usual, and the scenery changes completely. In fact, I even rode a camel here as well for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When I ride a camel, it shakes back and forth so much that it makes me want to grab the hump on its back, but it's no good. There are no bones in their bumps, The inside is said to be oil. That's why it's so soft that I can't grab it.
 The other time I rode a horse was in the mountainous region of Kashmir in northern India, which is said to be the roof of the world. After the snow had fallen, I climbed up the mountain trail on horseback to get to the higher part of the mountain. It was a rocky climb, so I was still shaking, but it was worth because the scenery was outstanding beyond description. India is often thought of as extremely hot, but it snows in northern India.
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2023年9月26日 (火)


Dear my overseas friends
 It is said to be the era of 100-year lifespans, so we are heading into an era where many people can live long lives if we are healthy. If we live a long life, we well have about 40 years after retirement, in other words, it will be about 500 months. How to spend this long period is not just a matter for the elderly, but also for young people who will reach that age in the future.
 However, in reality, there is no doubt that the most important foundations after retirement are health and finance. On the other hand, since humans have a spiritual life, so in order to live a fulfilling daily life, it is not possible to live only with these two things.
 Even though it may be my clumsy experience, in order to live a fulfilling life for many years, after children are separated from parents and become independent, it is said that "if we can do at least three things that we are truly passionate about, our daily life will be fulfilling, and the heart will feel less lonely." And it is thought that it will lead to prevention of senile dementia. Young people should build "a world of their own that they can truly enjoy" throughout their lives.
 The photo indicates "Kuroganemochi" that means Round Leaf Holly in the garden. The pronunciation is similar to Kuragano-machi where I live. The colors change with the seasons, and as you can see, the countless berries that grew during the summer, are now a deep green. This will begin to change color from the end of next month and turn bright red in winter.
 On the other hand, Kuroganemochi seems to a lucky tree for a long time because its name means "rich without hardship". I'm busy taking care of plants today as well. In addition to its rich colors, plants absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and produce oxygen which is most indispensable for humans.
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2023年9月25日 (月)


 軽のバンがあることから、Audi TT quattroにあまり乗ることが少なく、今日の午後、わざわざ乗りました。倉賀野バイパスの広い国道経由で岩鼻まで行き、旧国道17号を西に戻り、体力増強のため「クスリの青木」で牛乳や豆乳などを購入し、4kmほど乗りました。
Dear my friends who are interested in driving and great music
 Since I have a light van vehicle, I don't ride the Audi TT quattro very often, so I went out of my way to ride it this afternoon. I went to Iwahana-town via the wide national road of Kuragano-Bypass, returned west on the old National Route 17. On the way, I bought milk and soy milk at "Medical shop named Aoki" to strengthen my stamina. Therefore I rode about 4km by TT.
 The battery should be fine now. When autumn is in full swing, I put a sweetheart in the passenger seat and take a tour from Mt. Tanigawa Tenjindaira, to the northernmost Naramata Dam in Gumma Prefecture, and Konroku Pass. So I will drive through Gumma Prefecture's most beautiful autumnal tints spots. Until then, I will continue to tune up the car and keep my physical condition in top shape.
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 写真は今朝5時に撮影した金星です。東の空に浮かび、太陽に近いため幾分か欠けてます。金星のことは英語でVenusですが、今回のような明けの明星をmorning starと言ったり、特に、Luciferとも言うようです。
Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 The photo shows the Venus taken at 5 o'clock this morning. It floats in the eastern sky and is somewhat waned because it is close to the sun now. This planet is called Venus in English, and the morning star recently, and especially it is called "Lucifer" as well.
 This morning's sunrise is at 5:33 and sunset will be at 17:39 [both in Gumma Prefecture, Japan]. So the length of daylight today is 12 hours and 06 minutes, and the length of night is 11 hours and 54 minutes. The daytime is still longer. If this trend continues, the hours of day and night will be the same around September 27th. This is not only the same throughout Japan, but it is also the same all over the world.
 The definition of sunrise is the moment when the top of the sun is visible, and the definition of sunset is the moment when the top of the sun is hidden. For this reason, daytime and nighttime on the autumnal equinox are not the same. If the definition of sunrise and sunset is the center of the sun, the hours of day and night on the autumnal equinox are the same.
 By the way, in the morning, I think to myself, "I hope today will be a fulfilling day." I also hope that today will bring me new discoveries and new encounters.
 Our life is only once. The reality is that our future life starts from today. I want to wake up to a new me and a new world. Life is surprisingly short. I can't waste the time day by day.
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2023年9月24日 (日)


Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 Yesterday, we pitched a tent at 3:00 pm at Kuragano-town Kami-fourth Park where is the venue for radio gymnastics. The residents of the area will actually be gathering at 9:30 a.m. today for a "disaster prevention drill". So our pitching the tent was preparation for that. An earthquake truck comes from the fire department, and residents will experience the shaking of the earthquake. When riding this truck, some children are so scared of the tremors that they start crying, so that this makes a valuable experience to learn about the fear of earthquake.
 At first glance, each day passes peacefully, but we never know when a natural disaster or fire may occur. It may be occurred while we're sleeping, commuting, eating, or at work. If a disaster occurs in the middle of the night, there is a possibility of a power outage, smartphones may not always work, you may not be able to contact family members who are far away, and you may not be able to use the toilet that you absolutely need.
 On the other hand, when a disaster such as a major earthquake occurs, the distribution of food is disrupted and supermarkets and convenience stores run out of food. Always make sure you have enough food for three days.
 I have experienced truly frightening twice in my past life. In one case, the plane I was on almost crashed. A relatively small plane entered in a cyclone over the Bay of Bengal in India, and it plummeted for an estimated 200 meters. Nothing could be seen out the window, all the passengers turned pale, and the luggage on board hit the ceiling. So I clung to the chair as my body floated.
 Another thing is that one day after the Great Tohoku Earthquake that occurred in Japan about ten years ago, I was on the 50th floor of a skyscraper in the Shinjuku subcenter in Tokyo when a tremendous aftershock occurred. The building swayed from side to side for about 5 meters, and the shaking continued for about 5 minutes. I felt like I was on a swing, and I thought the building was going to collapse, therefore I felt an unearthly fear. I don't go to skyscrapers anymore.
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