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2020年12月31日 (木)


 The midnight of January 1st is an astronomically wonderful moment. The "Winter Triangle" seeing from the northern hemisphere becomes an inverted triangle, and Sirius, the brightest fixed star in the night sky below, comes to due south. Please confirm tonight that midnight on January 1st has great astronomical significance. The calendar is based on this astronomical phenomenon.


 Today is New Year's Eve. The photo is a red plum buds in the garden taken by me on December 30th. The variety name is Kagoshima. The cold air mass covers the Japanese archipelago during the year-end and New Year holidays, but it seems to bloom during New Year's holidays. The sunset time became already 10 minutes later than the earliest in early December. The plants may be aware of the hours of sunshine.
 Even in a harsh environment which the Covid-19 does not converge in the cold, the buds swell so that we feel a ray of light named hope. Our Earth has completed revolution of this year and will soon reach the outer space where connects the Sun and Sirius with a line. Sirius shines in the due south seeing from the Northern hemisphere at midnight on January 1st, when the joya no kane that means night bell rings in Japan.

2020年12月30日 (水)


 There are only two days left this year which was at the mercy of Covid-19. Thank you for visiting my poor blog. And I read your various comments for my blog, so I enjoyed every day.
 The good thing about this year myself is that I had cataract surgery, but I was generally healthy.
 Also, I was happy that I bought a car of Audi TT Quattro. Unfortunately, I couldn't travel, I didn't practice the piano, and I didn't memorize English vocabularies well. What I was lonely was still living alone.
 In 2021, I will devise to prevent senile dementia in advance which is said to one in five people suffers in the near future, and to realize the above mentions that I could not do this year. I appreciate for your support this year through the weblog.

2020年12月29日 (火)


 When I was a toddler, I woke up with the sound of rice cakes made by parents. The mortar was about my height, and when I looked inside, I was surprised to see a white rice cake. I still remember the appearance of my parent's rice cake making in the warehouse. Every year, we ate rice cakes at the end of the year and wondered how delicious it was. Rice cake making was like a family festival.
 By the way, this year is another 3 days. The plums in the garden are likely to bloom earlier than usual. I sincerely hope for the arrival of spring while preventing "Three Cs". The good thing about this year was that I was able to stay healthy even if living alone. I will think about and practice the health maintenance method next year as well.
... the health method I have practiced so far ...
1. Control blood pressure especially in the early morning.
2. Ingest antioxidant drinks such as lycopene and β-carotene on an empty stomach in the early morning.
3. Have a fixed quantity of breakfast.
4. Maintain and strengthen muscles aiming for correct posture during warm hours.
5. Raise the pulse to about 108 once a day to smooth the blood circulation that delivers nutrients and energy to the whole body.
6、Always breathe through the nose.

2020年12月28日 (月)


 The scenery is Mt. Myogi seen from Kuragano-town. The mountain has huge stone gates that has exposed to rain and wind for tens of thousand of years. When I was young, I used to climb from the 1st stone gate to the 5th stone gate, relying on long chains. Recently I drive to the parking lot, but I never climb it due to very slippery. Sometimes there are people who slipped down from the rocks. Of course, they went to heaven.
 Even so, the shape of Mt. Myogi [elevation 1104m] which looks like a carpenter's saw, is famous for its autumn colors as well. When I met my wife, we went this mountain by her driving. Today is the 16th anniversary of her. Her photo was adorned still now at Shiroyama elementary school in Takasaki city.


 There are only four days left this year. It was relatively warm in the morning today, so I set the ladder up against a white magnolia and cut the branches. So I think that the nearby flower peach will grow and will bloom well next spring. Trees will prevent growth each other if there are other trees nearby. The branches of white magnolia were relatively soft so that it was easy to cut.
 When the neighbor passed by and I greeted her while cutting a tree at a high position, she didn't seem to notice where I was. When she found out me, she said, "Don't fall off the ladder." Today is the 16th anniversary of my deceased wife. I don't go to that world yet.

2020年12月27日 (日)

北アルプスの眺望が得られる御荷鉾山頂・・・・・ ・・・吹奏楽部合宿中、山頂で雪合戦・・・

 The scenery of the photo is Mt. Eastern and Western Mikabo that I have ever climbed several times. When my two daughters were young, I took them to both summits. When climbing up Eastern Mikabo, the second daughter was still a toddler who was two years old, so that I climbed and carried her on my back. She probably can't remember. But she may remember that she could climbed Mt. western Mikabo due to a kindergarten pupil at that time. The eldest daughter climbed both summits by herself.
 You can enjoy the view of the Northern Alps from the summit of Mt. Mikabo. During I was a teacher at Takasaki High School of Commerce, students of the wind orchstra had a snowball fight at the summit.
 By the way, yesterday while walking 4km round trip to Kuragano Greenery Park, I thought that the best view of Mt. Mikabo was from Kuragano-town. Even if you can see it in other areas, the mountain in front hides them, or different in shape, or smaller. In the near future, I recommend you to see Mt. Mikabo from Kuragano-town.

2020年12月26日 (土)


 From the end of the year to the new year, the Japanese archipelago is forecast to be hit by a cold wave from the Eurasian Continent. Even so, on a relatively warm hour zone without a northerly wind, I will walk along my favorite road while enjoying the breath-taking scenery of Gumma prefecture. For me, my favorite road means an environment that naturally makes me want to walk.
 While cooling the brain by means of nasal breathing, I aim for a pulse rate of about 110 while walking. If I walk at a certain speed, I can recognize moving not only the respiratory muscles and lower body muscles but also the muscles of the whole body. Therefore I walk in warm hours around ten o'clock even in winter.
 After that, the reward is that I feel hungry and the food becomes delicious. Please enlarge the photo, you will surely want to walk together with me.

2020年12月25日 (金)


"Covid-19 infection" is spreading more and more. At the end of the year, we express our deepest respect to the medical personnel who are treating in this severe situation.
 Each of us must avoid unnecessary and unurgent outings and make effort to prevent infection. Ventilate the house often to keep the air in the room hygienic. As always, we never forget hand washing, disinfection, gargling and mask. We must avoid the most dangerous crowds.
 Also, at such times, try to maintain our physical strength by exercising indoors, enough nutrition and sleep, and spend the time at home as we like.
 By the way, at 8 c'clock this evening, my daughter will be televised in Gumma TV.

2020年12月24日 (木)



 クリスマスでよく目にする文字に、Xmasがあります。何故これをクリスマスと読むか不思議でしたが、Christの代わりのXはギリシャ語の最初の大文字X(=chi)を当てたもの、とあります。一方、こちらも時々目にしますが、X' masと書くのは誤りとのことです。










 "A fool cuts cherry, a fool doesn't cut plum" has been one of the legends since long time ago. Yesterday I cut off an extra branch of a big "Weeping white plum". When cutting plum, the nutrients spread to other branches, and the flowers bloom well and bear fruit. After about a month, it will bloom.
 On the other hand, in the garden, there is a double cherry tree that my late father planted half a century ago, and the colors are very beautiful. The flowering season is mid-April after the general cherry blossoms are over.
 I will continue to work hard in the garden today to solve my lack of exercise. In general, the current garden is bleak, but the buds of many plants such as Japanese rhododendrons swell day by day, so this gives me hope. It became a week only this year.

2020年12月23日 (水)


The mileage of TT is about 2400 km which was delivered on August 1st. As you know, I am weak in information technology, therefore I am not familiar with all the equipment, even though I understand the important things in driving, so I will practice it little by little and get used to it.
 By the way, if we polish the tires, the whole figure looks still more beautiful. Please try it. Do not spray the tire wax directly on the tire, but soak it in a sponge and polish it so as not to damage the tires. Also clean the wheels. This is the same as our feet.
 One of the safe driving methods I've been feeling these days is to slow down the speed on curves and hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands because centrifugal force works. Also, we must not turn our eyes from the front even a moment. I make the drive select be comfortable. This will improve the ride quality.

2020年12月22日 (火)


 Tonight, we can see the rendezvous of Jupiter and Saturn for about an hour after sunset. It is the southwestern sky. This is the first time since 400 years ago that people in the Edo period have seen this natural phenomenon. The next time is calculated as October 2040. Am I really alive? 
 The two celestial bodies are actually very far apart each other. It looks like it's approaching by seeing from our earth. It is a rare celestial phenomenon that our Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn are lined up almost in a straight line in the solar system.


 The buds of plum are getting bigger day by day and are already preparing for spring. I like flower plums so that there are 5 different varieties in the garden. One is a weeping white plum, one is "As you wish" that blooms in red and white, what we call, bicolored and the other three are red plums of slightly different colors. One of the red plums is weeping.
 The photo shows a crimson variety named "Kagoshima" with red buds. Currently, the garden is desolate, but when the plums  begin to bloom, spring is felt, and the biggest thing is that the scent drifts in the garden, therefore, Japanese bush warblers and white-eyes come to suck nectar. Flowering will be in early February.

2020年12月21日 (月)


















2020年12月20日 (日)


 Generally we can't imagine, but the flowers are already in bloom though this cold weather. This tree is a loquat that bears fruit six months later. Last year I made loquat liquor by this fruits, and drink it from time to time.
 Most of the trees in the garden have already fallen leaves, so to speak, it is the season of resting now, but instead of doing so, the loquat is exposed to sunlight from the leaves and photosynthesizes, and the fruits will grow gradually from now on. What a working plant it is!
 The loquat tree becomes a great example for us to work and study steadily. When it is cold, I am liable to say die. Even so, in order to keep youth forever and avoid senile dementia for us, we should live with a strong mind, aiming for "study for a lifetime, youth for a lifetime".


 因みに、今の季節、ノールウェイのオスロでは日の出9:17、 日の入り15:13で、昼の時間が僅かに5時間56分です。これを考えると日本はよい所に位置してます。
 Tomorrow is the winter solstice. I investigated the sunrise / sunset times and the length of the day. As a result, today is the same as tomorrow. It is as follows.
 Nemuro [7:03, 16:03/9 hours] Takasaki [6:51, 16:32/9 hours 41 minutes,] Naha [7:12, 17:43/10 hours 31 minutes]. The length of daytime differs between Nemuro and Naha by 1 hour and 31 minutes, of course Nemuro is short.
 In other words, it changes depending on the latitude so that in this season, the daytime is shorter toward the north and longer toward the south. Going north, it's all nighttime in the North Pole, conversely going south, it's all daytime in Antarctica.
 By the way, in Oslo, Norway, the sunrise is 9:17 and the sunset is 15:13, so the daytime is only 5 hours and 56 minutes in this season. Considering this, Japan is situated in a good place.

2020年12月19日 (土)


 Mid winter is approaching from now on in Japan, but as you can see, can't plum and magnolia wait for spring ? The buds are beginning to swell and they are steadily preparing for flowering. In comparison, we humans are trembling in the cold and our feeling seems to be depressed against Covid19. This situation is a mental and physical problem. At time like this, we should stay cheerful, eat delicious food, listen to our own favorite music, and of course, have a drink and spend our time indoors doing what we love.
 Lately my house have changed into gym so I train when I have time. I am of the opinion that we maintain young forever is to train both our mind and body. I am working hard to build muscles which generally tend to decrease with age. Recently, I've been pulling the training rubber with one hand about 50 times per set. Everyone, let's pull a lot.

2020年12月18日 (金)


 The photo shows the southwestern sky yesterday evening. Yesterday is November 3rd in the lunar calendar, so it is a real crescent moon. And as you can see, Jupiter(below) and Saturn appear closer each other. These three celestial bodies form an isosceles triangle.
 The reason why the waning part of the moon looks faint is thought to be the reflection of the sun's ray that shines the earth. At this time, if you look at the earth from the surface of the moon, the opposite position to this moon will shine. When the moon is full, the earth looks black, and when it is a new moon, everything on the earth looks shining I guess.

2020年12月17日 (木)
















2020年12月16日 (水)


 In Takasaki City, Japan, the temperature this morning was below freezing point, therefore as you can see, the water in the small swamp of the artificial hill and the water for fire prevention that stored rainwater are completely frozen. Even so, the freezing point is 0 degrees Celsius and water's boiling on flat ground is 100 degrees Celsius, so that it clearly indicates the natural temperature.
 On the other hand, Fahrenheit is a measurement method that focuses on human's sense rather than nature. And we set the lowest temperature that we humans can tolerate is 0 degrees and the highest heat that we can not tolerate is 100 degrees.
 I think Fahrenheit is more suitable for our lives. This is Just like the test points, the highest is 100 points, the lowest is 0 points, and the average score of 70 points is the most comfortable for us to live.

調子が出てきたAudi TT Quattro

 This is a photo of "New kabra-River Bridge" over the Kabra River, which opened in October. Yesterday, I drove a blue car from Fujioka-city side to Kibe-town side of Takasaki City. If you enlarge the photo, you will feel being riding together with me. As you can see, it is so high bridge that you can see Mt. Haruna in the distance. By the way, it has been a winter climate since yesterday morning, so I went to the Yoshii Dream Center and warmed up because my heart and body were cold.
 Everyone worry about Covid19, so I'm only one in the large bathtub. There is also an open-air bath here, but it was excessively cold and I gave up to bathe in it. In the evening, I will hold a "Premises festival" that is the tradition of my home. I thanked for my health this year rather than praying my near future to dissolve living alone. After that, I will drink alone thinking of you!


 There is an Inari shrine facing south in the eastern garden. Allegedly, my late father had stone craftsman make it by hand in the early Showa period about 90 years ago. It is made of granite. The father's name and date of construction were engraved on the back, but it has been exposed to the wind and rain during about a century, and even if it is barely readable, it is gradually becoming undecipherable. It is the guardian deity of family safety and the premises.
 In my generation, I rebuilt my house 20 years ago and could lucky expand the land of about 60 m² to the east. I remembered the words of my late mother, "Old people said that the connected land was valuable, so we should buy it even if we borrow money." I didn't borrow money, but I got it. Yesterday was the premises festival, and I celebrated alone at home.

2020年12月15日 (火)


 In the lunar calendar, yesterday was the last day of October. Actually the moon didn't come out last night. From today, it is November in the lunar calendar. It would be midwinter in the Edo period. According to weather forecast for today, it will be the coldest in this winter, and Gumma prefecture is likely to be below the freezing point. I remembered when I was breeding more than 100 racing pigeons before, the drinking water for pigeons froze and I poured hot water to melt it.
 We should devise that the room temperature does not drop while sleeping. When humans unconsciously inhale cold air for a long time, our windpipe and nose become ill. We should eat warm food for every meals. 
 In addition, since "a healthy mind exists in a healthy body," I would like to maintain a physical strength that can withstand the cold even as I get older, and try to have a spiritual life that can create originality and ingenuity. For the time being, I would like to peruse the July-August-September edition of Tensei Jingo and concentrate on Japanese and English expressions during the end of this year.

2020年12月14日 (月)









 食事に温かい味噌汁をとると、胃腸の働きが活発になり、消化吸収がよくなり、さらに、ご存じのように味噌は大豆を原料にした発酵食品です。 発酵によって大豆の栄養が吸収しやすく、乳酸菌の働きによって腸に善玉菌を増やし、腸内環境を整えてくれると考えられます。





 Have you seen the "Gemini meteor shower"? I slept soundly last night, so I went out from 4 o'clock this morning and looked overhead, I could certainly see four meteors in a radial line from the direction of "Gemini".
The weather was fine this morning, but it was quite cold, even with a great chance without the moon. I kept standing in a dark position alone for about 5 minutes and kept looking at the sky without blinking, but I could see the meteor at the moment.
 In that respect, because Japan is situated at mid-latitude, the direction of the International Space Station is determined to be from southwest and from northwest, and it can be seen for a long time. 
 By the way, the photo shows a Japanese rhododendron whose buds have already swelled. It will bloom a lot next spring. We want to expand our dreams as well.

2020年12月13日 (日)


 The picture is the waning moon and Venus in the eastern sky taken by me early this morning. We will have a chance to observe "Gemini meteor shower"from late tonight on the 13th to early morning on the 14th before sunrise. Fortunately, since the 15th is a new moon, so it is not affected by the moonlight and is a good opportunity for meteor observation. It is the probability that it will appear about once a minute. If you observe it in a dark place in the sky, you will see meteors.
 Gemini is on the left side of the "Winter Diamond". It's almost south overhead. This phenomenon is a meteorite that plunges into earth's atmosphere when our revolving earth approaches a certain space. Meteors and "Gemini" are essentially unrelated. The direction is toward "Gemini". It happens every year at this season.


 In front of the entrance, a large Sambaseki that literally means three-wave stone estimated to be several tons, is set up as if to welcome customers. It was purchased by my late father when we moved to this area more than half a century ago. This stone is a famous megalith that can be found 2-3km downstream of the Shimokubo-Dam in Onishi Town, Gumma, Japan. The color is generally light blue.
 By chance, the upper and right sides of this stone resemble the shape of a mountain in Gunma prefecture. I have ever climbed this mountain about four times and released several race pigeons from the summit about 10 years ago. All the pigeons returned to my loft with a straight line distance of 50km.
The perpendicular cliff on the right has a height of around 200m, and it is Mt. Arafune [elevation 1423m] where it often became news that climbers slid down. The summit is a plain called Table Mountain, and the surrounding area is sunk and steep. From the top, you can see the active volcano Mt. Asama.

2020年12月12日 (土)


As you can see, kumquat is an abundant harvest this year, as the result of this summer which was particularly hot. Some of them are still blue, and an estimated 200 are growing. I don't give any fertilizer, but water when the roots are dry. It is strange that produce fruits by the nutrients contained in soil, water and the sun.
 Kumquat is said to have the effects of strengthening capillaries, improving cholesterol levels, improving blood circulation, anti-allergic effect, and anti-carcinogenic effect. We can eat kumquat with its skin, it can be said to be a healthy fruit. I want to eat kumquat every day and overcome the coming cold winter. Can I really eat everything by living alone? If you are near, please come to eat. 


 The photo shows the sunrise seen from the window of my house. It's about 6:45 am. The relatively warm, what we call, Indian summer that has often been seen so far is about to end. As you know, until the Edo period, the nickname for October was "Koharu" that literally means small spring.
 The lunar calendar October ends on December 14th in the solar calendar. After that, it is November of the lunar calendar, so generally the atmospheric pressure distribution will turn to high in the west and low in the east, and it changes to the cold monsoon of winter.
 At my house, the premises festival will be held on December 15th in the solar calendar. I thank the shrine for my health this year, and I pray that I will be healthy next year as well and continue to take steps to prevent dementia in advance. Two of them are that I consider to be able to memorize various things such as English vocabulary and piano music.

2020年12月11日 (金)


 Regarding this year's "Gemini meteor shower", we have a chance to observe from the night of December 13th to the dawn of 14th. Since the 15th is the new moon, it is not affected by the moonlight so that it is a one in the million chance for the meteor observation. If you observe it in a dark place in the sky, you can expect to see meteors. Gemini is on the left side of the "Winter Diamond" that are huge enough to cover the Japanese archipelago.

 This phenomenon is that the meteorite enters the Earth's atmosphere when our earth passes through a certain space through revolving. Meteors and "Gemini" are essentially unrelated. The direction is toward "Gemini".
 In addition, after sunset every night, Jupiter and Saturn lining up in the southwestern sky will be closer than ever. I guess the day will be around Christmas Eve.

2020年12月10日 (木)


 My supper is for myself every night, so for some reason I wanted to drink tonight, so I decided to go to the tavern named "Baku" in Takasaki-city thinking of you. Looking back on my life and thoughts in 2020, I will drink while reflecting on what was good and what was not go well. Due to cold today, so I'll drink hot Japanese sake and side dish is sliced raw fish.
 Can I really look back on this year? I think I was happy to buy a new turbo blue car of Audi TT Quattro.
 Please forgive me tonight because I will take proper countermeasures against Covid-19 and will not go to second party. Then I will go by train from Kuragano-station.























 When I was infant, I woke up in the dark in the morning with the sound of my parent's making rice cake, and I was surprised at the sound of pettan pettan. Parents pounded rice cakes at the end of each year for six children and as an annual event to celebrate the New Year.
 In fact, the mortar and pestle still exist in my home and can still be used. I've been playing since I was in elementary school, so I can still remember the knack. It is exactly I haven't lost my touch. 
 However, rice cake-making is a task that can only be achieved when really in synch of the two persons. I want to revive it as an annual event in the near future. However, it seems impossible this year as well. Nothing is more delicious than freshly mashed rice cake named mochi.

2020年12月 9日 (水)



 The photo shows the pedestrian side road of Kyoei Bridge that connects Kuragano-town and Akutsu-town. And the length is estimated to be about 300m. The river that flows below is the Karasu-River which a first-class river that originates from the water that flows from a rock named mouth of crow near Mt. Hanamagari in Kurabuchi-Town.
 The climate is finally the coldest season of the year. However, during the daytime when the temperature rises a little, we would like to go out and practice to maintain and strengthen the muscles and cardiopulmonary function of our whole body.
 To live, regardless of our life so far, we need to have challenging spirit "Our life is from now on" At the same time, the consciousness that health should be created is our indispensable foundation.



 It has become "Taisetsu"that literally means heavy snow in 24 solar calendar, and Gumma Prefecture, Japan has become very cold. For this reason, I put the "Money-bearing tree" in the room. It was in the garden so far. Will this tree do its own job?
 Even so, in the US presidential election, Mr. Trump was initially thought to have an advantage and the economy would improve, but he seems not to be very good at policy and diplomacy (Mr. Bolton).
 As soon as Mr. Biden was decided to become president of US, the Dow Jones Industrial Average exceeded $ 30,000 for the first time in history. Will the "Money-bearing tree" in my home follow the example of Dow Jones Industrial Average. And if we overcome the cold of this winter and the Covid19, will this tree sprout next year and literally improve the Japanese economy?

2020年12月 8日 (火)


 This year is a leap year, so the winter solstice is December 21st in Japan. However, the earliest sunset time is today at 16:28 (Gumma Prefecture). This time might be calculated by latitude and longitude and announced.
 Actually, the southwestern direction of Gumma prefecture is a mountainous area, so the sun sets after 16:00. The sunset time will become late after tomorrow day by day.
 By the way, the sunset time of the winter solstice is 16:32 which is 4 minutes later than today. It is thought that the reason why the temperature is getting colder is that it is difficult to cool the seawater. Similarly, that July and August are hotter than June in Japan is thought to be due to difficult to warm the seawater.

2020年12月 7日 (月)











・・ブロガーである私の感想・・・時計屋の隣りさんにとって、ご自身の投稿文「移ろい菊に背中押されて」 に対し、これほど感銘して読まれてる読者がいることを知り、さぞかし、投稿者冥利に尽きることはないでしょう。それにしても偶然ですが、私の関係者同士の紙上における投稿と、それを読まれた感想の投稿となり、世間は誠に狭いものです。

2020年12月 6日 (日)


 The weather of Takasaki-City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan is fine this morning, therefore the temperature is quite low due to radioative cooling. On the other hand, Venus which is called "dawn star", is shining brightly in the east-southeastern sky.
 By the way, can you see Venus well in your countries of my Facebook friends living in Australia, Philippine, China and New Zealand? I guess that it will probably look in the northeast, in case of the Southern Hemisphere.
 Also, it's summer, so it's okay to swim in the nature. It is said that the northern part of Gumma prefecture is already snowy. What we have in common is that this year is only 25 days left, and we hope that the Covid 19 wreck will end.
 Not change the subject, but for some reason, I've been interesting in rhododendrons since the end of Showa period around 1988, and I still take care of 6 trees every day without getting tired of it. Generally, western rhododendrons are flashy in color and the flowers stand out. On the other hand, Japanese rhododendrons are simple and quiet the same as me, and mysterious. It has great rarity value. I have a deep attachment to Japanese rhododendron, and no matter how I look at them, I never get tired of them.
 The biggest difference between Western rhododendron and Japanese rhododendron is that the back of the leaf of Japanese rhododendron is ocher for some reason. This is also strange. Although it is not shown in the photo above, the large Japanese rhododendron is planted directly. Flowering is in April. Would you please come and appreciate them next spring.

2020年12月 5日 (土)


 Most of the trees in the garden, except for evergreens, have passed the autumn leaves and are deciduous, but this spirea is blooming unseasonably while its leaves are still autumnal tint in the cold. What happened when it was supposed to bloom in May? It blooms half a year early or late. This spirea was planted by my late father more than half a century ago.

 Is it encouraging the human being who is suffering from Covid19 misfortune? Or is it haranguing to me who has no idea about future, saying "Go ahead more aggressively." By the way, tonight I will bake chicken kebabs and drink whiskey of course thinking of you, then I want to bloom crazy the same as spirea.

2020年12月 4日 (金)


 Speaking of Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan, the white robe Kannon is famous. Two or three times a year, this area covered in green is one of my walking courses.
 Built in 1935, it stands on a hill with an altitude of about 200m overlooking Takasaki City, and was said to be the tallest in the Orient at that time. You can see this white statue from afar in all directions. It is a sickness-free, easy-to-deliver, child-raising Buddha, but you can wish for anything.
 If you zoom in, you'll see a hole in the shoulder. This is a window. There are stairs to a high position inside the statue, so you can walk up. The view from the window is breath-taking marvelous scenery. I have ever taken pictures of this statue from various angles, but I like this one the most.

2020年12月 3日 (木)














 The photo is a heron that perches on a stone in the shallow waters of the Kabra River. What is she looking at, or what is she thinking about? It may seek for bait, or it may be watching for the appearance of birds of prey of natural enemy.
 She lives between being eaten or eat something. She is standing for a long time while balancing on one leg. We humans cannot stand still on one leg for a long time. Birds are probably well-balanced because they fly in the air.
 Heron habit is usually swarming with friends. I think she was separated from her friends. We humans are not much different from herons. In the midst of the corona, life is at stake, income is declining, and the situation will continue to be difficult next year as well. In my case, like this heron, it's lonely.

2020年12月 2日 (水)


 Trees include deciduous trees and evergreen trees. As the name suggests, all deciduous trees fall from late autumn to early winter. In the annual cycle, leaf buds come out and become fresh green, and after about half a year, the leaves turn red and then fall. The photo is a zelkova tree in Kuragano Greenery Park named Ryokuchi.
 On the other hand, evergreens always have leaves throughout the year. However, the leaves actually fall. Generally the time is from April to May before the leaf shoots appear. However, if I look closely at the rhododendron that is evergreen in my garden, the old leaves fall in late autumn with leaving the leaves that were born this spring. So, at a glance there are always leaves.
 The photo is the active volcano Mt. Asama [altitude 2568m] seen from the Gumma prefecture side during I was walking, and it is already covered with snow. When I was a junior high school student, Mt. Asama repeated large eruptions several times, and the height of the eruption rose to about 5000 m, and the scene was terrifyingly amazing. Even in my town 50km away, the volcanic ash fell with big noise. After that, from high school to university period, I climbed the summit of Mt. Asama at least three times, and I could look at the Kanto plain distinctly and a meandering Tone River, Mt. Fuji, and the Japanese Alps from a high position.
 There is Kambara Village which is called Japanese Pompeii near here, and there are still many buried houses sleeping underground. It is said that many of the inhabitants were victimized in the great eruption at Tenmei 3 (1783), and then the survivors remarried each other.

2020年12月 1日 (火)


 It was Indian summer yesterday, so I walked across the Shinkabra-River Bridge where Mt. Haruna looks magnificent in front of me. It is a huge bridge boasting a length of 431m. I walked about 10km round trip from my house, and it took just 2 hours. The top of Mt. Haruna on the far right is the photo of this Facebook page, and I was taken at Mt. Mizusawa with my 2-year-old second daughter. My daughter has grown up a lot. When she was little, she climbed the summit of both eastern and western Mt. Mikabo.
 Perhaps of that is the cause, afterward she became the third place in Gumma prefecture as an anchor for the 4x100m relay in the prefectural high school. Now, as a mother with a job, she is struggling while raising her two daughters, and it seems that she can do her best. But this may be similar to her mother. Her mother was a 100m Gumma's athlete who appeared in the Wakayama National Athletic Meet.

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