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2022年1月 9日 (日)

地球とは 満ち欠けしてる 月のよう

 画像はチベット上空から見たEarth View です。日本時間で今日午前9時の地球の姿です。月のように満ち欠けしてます。これを見ても私たちの地球は暗黒の宇宙に浮いており、太陽光に当たっているところが三日月のように明るいだけです。
Dear my friends overseas
  The image is the Earth View above Tibet. It is the appearance of the earth at 9 am today in Japan time. The phase is like the moon. Even if we look at this, our earth is floating in the dark universe, and the place exposed to sunlight is only bright like a crescent moon.
  Currently, the earth's revolution position is in the direction of constellation of "Gemini" which is opposite side to the sun, and it revolves counterclockwise. The revolution speed is about 29 km / s, and the rotation speed is about 380 m / s (Gumma Prefecture, Japan).
  There are no borders on the surface of the Earth which is traveling through the really dark outer space, and we can understand that the 7.7 billion people are in a fateful community.
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