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2023年10月31日 (火)



 Please tell me about this photo.



 This is a photo I took while I was there, showing the resident's hometown starting to sink as water from the dam filled up. This is a photo taken immediately after the completion of Yamba Dam in Gumma Prefecture.

 The Kathleen typhoon that hit Gumma Prefecture in 1945 after the war, resulting in the death of 592 people in Gumma Prefecture. Afterwards, The Yamba Dam was completed in recent years after more than half a century of twists and turns in order to prevent this devastating damage from happening again.


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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 The photo shows my favorite bank. As you can see, it has a large curve. The reason for this is that it is the confluence of the Kabra-River which has its water source near Mt. Arafune, and the Karas-River which has its water source near Mt. Tsunoochi. Both rivers are first rate large rivers that flow eastward through western Gumma Prefecture and join the Tone River which flows from northern Gumma, at Tamamura Town. In the past, here I had often released the racing pigeons as a basic training. I have been breeding it for half a century.
 Meanwhile, dozens of Tundra Swans from Siberia or the Kamchatka Peninsula, fly to this area every December and spend the winter there until March of the following year. For this reason, it remains a secluded area with vast nature, and now it is one of my walking routes due to its clean air.
 Not change the subject, but I walk for maintaining my health, but if I am healthy in the future, I want to live everyday in my own way. I think the best way to do that is to "pursue what I love to the fullest."
 As my physical strength declines year by year, I think it will be fulfilling to do at least three hobbies that I am passionate about. If possible, not only one but also another hobbies that I can do indoors. If I only have one, when in trouble, I can no longer do it.
 What am I really into? 1. Flowering trees throughout the year. Cultivating plants that bloom on trees rather than grass flowers. 2. Among music, playing the soprano saxophone uses the respiratory muscles, so opportunity to play the soprano saxophone is becoming fewer, and lately I tend to spend more time playing the piano. 3. English composition about how to express this Japanese sentence in English. 4. I like the scenery of Gumma to the core, so I drive by the Audi Quattro TT blue, but now I don't have sweetheart to sit in the passenger seat. When shared, joy is doubled and sorrow halves. (tears)
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2023年10月30日 (月)


Dear my friends throughout the world
 Yesterday around 4pm, I went for a 2km walking around my hometown named Kuragano-Town, aiming to make dinner delicious (actually, to make the aperitif delicious). The course went via the family temple where my grandparents, parents, and wife are buried. In front of the grave, I mentally conveyed my current situation. All four of my grandparents were born at the end of the Edo period before 1867, so they were no longer in this world when I was born, so I can only imagine their taste in my heart.
 While walking, what caught my eye was a beautiful red pyracantha and a pure white sasanqua. Both are contrasting colors, and when I saw these unique colors, I could feel that the season was already in late autumn in Japan. Plants teach us that we humans should live our lives in a unique way and live our daily lives with clear purpose in mind.
 October is finally coming to the end today and tomorrow only. As I wrap up and sum up Reiwa 5 due to the remaining two months, I will spend each day caring for plants and being captivated by wonderful great music, while also prioritizing my mental and physical health.
 As I get older, I have never opportunities to see my former colleagues in the prefecture or my around 9,000 former students again. On the other hand, there are chances I enjoy as much as meeting officials and acquaintances related to the area I live in, such as interacting with elderly woman by my taking out their trash, for elementary school students safety patrols on their way to and from school, and especially casual conversations with the ladies at the cash register at the supermarket I go to every day. The way of happiness as human being means having conversations with people nearby, so I would like to continue to interact closely with the people in the area.
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2023年10月29日 (日)


Dear my friends abroad
 In Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan, a full moon appeared at exactly 5 p.m. However, there were some clouds, as you can see. This isn't a lunar eclipse.
 I'll upload it again later when the clouds get away. Since the moon is still close to the horizon, so it has a reddish tint due to the atmosphere. After the moon's altitude increases, it will be a beautiful typical autumn moon.

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Img_5269 Img_5268
Dear my friends
 Even though there are only 64 days left this year 2023 including today, there are many flowers blooming in the garden like spring. These are not grass flowers, but trees in bloom. Bougainvillea from above, Autumn chrysanthemum on the left, and 4 hibiscus blooming today. In addition, the buds of the confederate rose in front of the entrance are swollen.
 After all, sunlight and daily watering are probably appropriate. No particular fertilizer is given by me. It would be a waste to just watch it alone. If you are nearby, please come and see it. 7 minutes walk from JR Kuragano-Station.
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Dear my overseas friend who are interested in orange fruit.
 How many "tangerines" are growing? Unfortunately, these tangerines belong to T family who lives next door to the west. There are about 10 of them growing inside my garden. The total number is probably around 130.
 This summer was extremely hot for humans in Japan, so it is thought to be ideal for the growth of tangerines and persimmons, as well as for the flowering of crape myrtle.
 Strangely enough, many of the fruits are spherical and seems to be floating in the air. This is probably what the Earth which is floating in space and carrying us, looks like spherical from a distance.
 Not change the subject, but a full moon can be seen tonight throughout the world. While gazing at the full moon and having a drink, let's think about why the moon is also spherical. Moreover, the moon's surface always shows only the same pattern as a rabbit eating rice cake. Why doesn't the moon show us earthlings its back side?
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2023年10月28日 (土)


Dear my friends abroad who like spa
 Even though it's the end of October, three hibiscus trees are blooming in front of the entrance. I thought it wouldn't bloom again this year, but it suddenly blooms, so sometimes it's unexpectedly good.
 Actually, I was in Shinjuku ward, in Tokyo, at the night before yesterday. I was surprised to see so many people on the main street which is lined with ultra-skyscrapers such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. As a result, I had a sore throat after I got home until yesterday. The city's atmosphere doesn't seem to suit an innocent country boy (?). I'm feeling much better today.
 For this reason, I drove to my favorite "Yoshii Dream Center" by the blue coupe. Then something nice happened. The receptionist told, "You don't need to pay the bathing fee today." Oh, today, October 28th, is Gumma Prefectural Citizen's Day, so that public facilities are free. I hope we have like this days in many opportunities.
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Dear my overseas friends
 Today, October 28th, is stenography anniversary in Japan. When I watch the Diet live on TV, I can see about four people sitting close to the speaker instantly transcribing the speaker's remarks. Stenography is said to be a method that uses shapes with phonetic functions as basic symbols rather than letters.
 Similarly, there are people who instantly translate these statements into English, which is a difficult task in this world. Stenography (Shorthand) and simultaneous interpretation can truly be called a professional among professionals.
 Although I'm far from their levels, I've been interested in English since high school age, and I still use that method of expression almost every day. Most of them are encounters with new English words still now, and I use the English comparison version of "Tensei Jingo" as the teaching material.
 Asahi Shimbun's "Tensei Jingo" will be compiled into a book and will be released four times a year. Each book contains about 90 days worth. The current issue is Summer 2023, but this time I finished reading it a month earlier than usual. The next issue, Fall 2023, will be released in late November.
 On the other hand, although I'm not very good at it, I am translating Facebook and weblogs into English. However, compared to the aforementioned stenographers and simultaneous interpreters, I have plenty of time available so that it is more of a hobby.
 I mainly concentrate on one point, "How do I say this word in English?" using a "Japanese-English dictionary". Therefore, even as I grow older, I am still in a daily battle with my memory, and from my humble experience, I believe that when I use it repeatedly, memory only becomes ingrained in my brain. In order to write English sentences, I use the "Five Sentence Pattern" that I learned a long time ago in high school as the basis. In other words, I feel that word order is important in English composition.
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2023年10月27日 (金)


Dear my friends abroad
 About 15 years ago, I bought land for the first time in my life. The area is about 50m², and but it is not only connected to the land where I live, but the land that used to be diagonal from north to south. So It has become straight as my wish came true.
 I remember hearing my deceased mother's words "People in the past said that contiguous land is very valuable, so we should buy it even if we borrow money." I didn't borrow money, but I'm really glad that I was able to purchase it. In terms of probability, it is highly unlikely that the land next door will go on sale in our long lifetime.
 Not only in buying land, but in all things in our life, having a strong sense of hope always allows us to take action immediately without hesitation when an important opportunity comes.
 After that, I built the fence as you see in the photo, and the design is my favorite. This is the east side, but the fence is similar to the south and west sides as well. As you can see, it has a simple appearance, is neither too high nor too low, has good wind circulation, and above all, allows us to see my neighbors and interact naturally with them on a daily basis.
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2023年10月26日 (木)


Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will take a dinner alone. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 Today, October 26th, is "Persimmon Day" in Japan. As you can see, the colorful persimmons in the garden are hanging so low that their branches are about to break. On the right, some of it looks to have been eaten by wild birds. As someone named Kakki as my nickname, I would also like to enjoy the taste of autumn.
 Researching the effects, I found that persimmons have a beneficial effect on maintaining the health of the throat and nose. It is perfect because it's the season when it's easy to catch a cold. Additionally, persimmon contains vitamin A and beta-carotene, so that it have antioxidant effect that makes us good for health.
 By the way, you can see a large crape myrtle at the back of the photo. It looks red because the leaves are turning red and starting to fall, but there are actually still a few flowers bloom. It started blooming in mid-July, so as the name suggests, it has been blooming for 100 days this year. Since this summer has been particularly hot in Japan, the tree may have regained its vigor due to the climate of its southern country of origin.
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2023年10月25日 (水)


Dear my overseas friends who like chatting
 Japan is located in the temperate zone, so it has just the suitable latitude. In the past, cherry bloomed in April, the autumn weather continued, and there were four distinct seasons. However, in recent years, there have been two seasons, summer and winter, so that there are fewer days that truly feel like spring or autumn.
 This phenomenon is globally considered to be climate change, If possible, the famous composer Vivaldi of the Baroque era who composed "The Four Seasons," would have been surprised by this phenomenon from the Heaven. Even so, humans have the wisdom to live in a more humane manner by creating a cool place in the summer, such as a shaded place under a big tree, and a warm place in the winter to adjust the temperature to live comfortably.
 The biggest difference between humans and other animals is that we humans are able to express our feelings and impressions about the events we encounter on a daily basis. In particular, it is important to create an environment and atmosphere that makes it easy to talk. This will help us feel relaxed, and when feeling calm, we will want to talk about something. What's more, if we have tea, our mind will be more free.
 Also, the key to creating an atmosphere is to make sure that there is no sense of superiority or inferiority in the seats, so that everyone who gathers feels that they are all the same. In this point, a round table as photo indicated is appropriate for us. I set up a round table both in the garden and indoors, so I can have a chat over tea during the day or relax over a beer in the evening with you.
 I think the most important thing for humans is small talk. I feel that a person's true feelings can be expressed through casual chats.
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2023年10月24日 (火)


Dear my friends who are interested in the earth astronomically
 Today is "Sohko", one of the 24 solar calendars. Viewed from the Polaris side, our Earth revolves counterclockwise around the Sun. Where is the earth which carries us floating today?
 The answer may be difficult because there are no landmarks in space, but our Earth, which is floating in space, is moving in the direction of "Pisces", one of the zodiacal constellations.
 As I always write, "Pisces" looks exactly like the shape of India, so you can easily identify it. At midnight of tonight, the pointed part of Pisces will be due south. The same is true from any country in the world. Of course, when viewed from a country in the southern hemisphere such as New Zealand, it is due north.
 In Japan, the position of "Pisces" is in the south, but it is quite close to overhead. The Earth travels around the inside of the zodiacal constellations in one year.
 By the way, the following is my speculation. I think the reason there are 12 months in a year is because the Earth takes one year to revolve in each direction of the zodiacal constellations.
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Img_5144_20231024085801 Img_5212_20231024085901
Dear my friends who are crazy about nature and great music
 The photos are taken approximately every two weeks to show the changes in color of the Round Leaf Holly. It would be good if money which is essential to us, grows big and big, but the recent world economy has been affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the war in the Middle East, including Israel and the Gaza district. As the result, the Dow-Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ are stagnant without expectation.
 The skills of world leaders are being tested in order to reach a swift ceasefire to prevent further civilian casualties.
 Not change the subject, but we are heading into late autumn in Japan now, there is a lot of grass in the garden, and in addition to a lot of falling leaves from the trees. Still, since this happens every year, I don't treat it as trash right away. I dig a big hole, and bury them, or pile it up on a artificial mound for plants, and then I cover it with soil.
 This work not only reduces garbage, but also serves as a natural fertilizer that will help the trees bloom next spring. The leaves of these grasses and trees provided oxygen by photosynthesis which is indispensable to sustaining our lives.
 I believe that living among trees means that I have to do some kind of work throughout the year, including pruning, and as a result, I move the body in good oxygen. When I'm tired, I listen to uplifting great music, and at night I reflect on my day by having a drink. But something is missing. It's a conversation.
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2023年10月23日 (月)

驚き!! ブーゲンビリアの長い開花期間

Dear my overseas friends
 Even though it's the end of October, the bougainvillea are in full bloom. In fact, it blooms from spring, and it is rare for me to find a plant that blooms for such a long period. However, as you know, the petals of bougainvillea are different from the flowers of other plants, her petals resemble leaves.
 On the other hand, the leaves are especially green. Or maybe I'm living a life alone where no flowers bloom in my life, so she is trying her best.
 Bougainvillea is native to tropical countries, so placing it in a sunny place and watering it every day may be in line with the environment of its birthplace. In that respect, the fact that this summer has been extremely hot probably helps her. However, the lowest temperature is already 8 degrees Celsius here in the early morning.
 Since I am raising a large number of plants, it is necessary for me to understand the likes and dislikes of each plant, such as temperature, direct sunlight, preference for shade, susceptibility to insects, and frequency of watering.
 Not change the subject, but rhododendrons are difficult to raise and I ended up killing several of them. However, I finally understood her feelings, therefore both Japanese and Western rhododendrons bloom well every year.
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Dear my friends who like to walk in the nature
 When I wrote about suspension bridges on this page yesterday, I wanted to cross a swaying suspension bridge myself, so I started walking around 1km south of Takasaki Kannon statue from around 3pm yesterday and as you see, I arrived the bridge hanging in the middle of a thicket of trees. I crossed "Hibiki Bridge" after a long interval. Hibiki means sound in English.
 The weather was sunny so that it was perfect for sightseeing, and there were many people visiting here, but none of them were walking alone like me, and most of them were couples. Even so, the natural forest under this suspension bridge is so dense that it's hard to imagine how deep it is. I couldn't see the bottom. There is a lot of nature behind the Kannon statue.
 The width of the bridge is about 1.5m, and the length is longer than expected, about 100m. I touched the metal rope which is supporting the bridge, but it didn't budge because there was a lot of weight on it. However, when I jumped a little, it shook slightly, like an earthquake.
 This time, I came here from the south side, there is a long wooden path until I reach the suspension bridge. The sound of acorns falling from the lush oak trees onto the boardwalk is surprisingly loud, making it a rare experience. In general, I thought the Kannon statue area was a recreational area, but the area behind it is a hidden area of Takasaki City covered in primeval forest. For this reason, the air is fresh and it is a suitable place for forest walking.
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2023年10月22日 (日)


Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will take a dinner alone. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 This half moon was photographed just now at 5pm. Today is October 22nd according to the solar calendar, but it is September 8th according to the lunar-solar calendar which was used in Japan until 1880. Therefore, the age of the month is 8.
 Due to the Earth's rotation, it gradually moves westward over time, and as it does so, the moon sets in the western sky with the top of the moon where craters and mountain ranges can be seen, which is reason called the "waxing moon."
 From now on, if the time is the same, it will move about 12 degrees east day by day. This is because the moon revolves counterclockwise in about 29 days while maintaining a distance of about 380,000 km from our Earth.
 Even so, near the string, sunlight hits from the side, so you can see long mountains and the shadows forming inside a large crater about 200 km in diameter.
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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 It was really cold in Gumma Prefecture this morning. The indoor temperature was 18°C, and the outdoor thermometer near the radio gymnastics venue showed 8°C. This is probably because the atmospheric pressure was high in the west and low in the east yesterday, so that the wind was blowing from the northwest all day. Autumnal tints have started in the mountainous areas, but they are just starting to change red in the plains.
 By the way, there is a 100m long suspension bridge on the Takasaki Kannonyama Hill which is fun for me to walk on. That's because it shakes a bit. One of the huge bridges in both height and length in Gumma Prefecture, crosses the valley which is Ueno-village. There is a large limestone cave nearby, but it is far from Takasaki-city to get there.
 Today, the wind has subsided and the weather is calm, so I will walk through Gumma's nature, paying attention to my posture and aiming to wide strides and of course with thinking of you. Then, I consume an antioxidant-rich drink.
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2023年10月21日 (土)


Dear my friends abroad
 I looked after my granddaughter all day today, and to be honest, I was tired due to my responsibility. For this reason, tonight I had a nice drink at a certain tavern in the Takasaki city after a long time, and now I returned home by train.
 Actually, a friend of mine whose sentence was was published in Jomo Shimbun's "Hiroba" also came, So I celebrated him to the core.
 I said. What's great about it is that it's not just due to be published, but that tens of thousand of people who read it, "some of them will change the way of life in the future."
 The area in front of Takasaki Station was very crowded with young people due to weekend. I want to be able to challenge from tomorrow.
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  埴生の宿も わが宿 玉の装い うらやまじ 唱歌「埴生の宿」(イングランド民謡)を習ったのは、中学時代の音楽の授業だった。教科書の「註」には、『埴生の宿』は質素な小さい家のこととあった。「玉の装い」「瑠璃の床」を持った豪華な家より、粗末な我が家の方が「たのし」「たのもし」という気持ちが理解できなかった。


 どんな立派な家よりも自分の家が最高だという思い、家族や故郷への深い愛着が歌詞に込められている。「のどかなりや 春の空 花はあるじ 鳥は友」「清らなりや 秋の夜半 月はあるじ 虫は友」といった歌詞のように、自然と共に生きる喜びを歌の中に感じるようになったのはいつの頃だったか。物質的豊かさの中で忘れられた大切なものを教えてくれる。



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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 Although the season is quite cold, the hibiscus in front of the entrance is blooming and some buds are appearing. As you know, hibiscus is native to southern countries, so it is not cold resistant here in Japan and I must keep in a sunny place in the house during the cold season.
Even so, I tend to get discouraged, she smiles at me and encourages me, "Stay healthy and be motivated."
By the way, I'm going to spend all day today from morning until evening, including breakfast, with my 1st grade granddaughter.
 From now on, I'm going to buy some delicious rice balls at a convenience store on the way to Maebashi to pick her up. Also, during the day, we go out by my Audi blue car and try to take a walk in autumn nature.
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2023年10月20日 (金)


Dear my friends abroad
 Today was my second daughter's daughter's athletic meeting day, so I went to cheer her. Due to my daughter's some circumstances tomorrow, I will take care of her second daughter (1st grade) for the day.
 Last time, we were happy when we took a walk around Mt. Kannon and entered Kannon's body in Takasaki-city. I think about going to see the autumn leaves tomorrow by my blue car, but I think the kids wouldn't be interested. Therefore let's go on a boat somewhere. Afterwards, let's eat something delicious somewhere.

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Dear my overseas friends
 We humans are alive because we inhale oxygen into our lungs through breathing, and we take water into our body along with food. Even if we install an air purifier indoors, oxygen will not be produced. Oxygen is released into the air only through photosynthesis by trees and grasses.
 Generally speaking, if I look around neighborhood now, I see that gardens are more often covered with concrete than they are planted with trees. It is making them hotter in the summer due to the sunlight and colder in the winter. it will be less comfortable from the temperature's standpoint. In a garden, I want to have a large area of soil. In addition, even if we searched the town, we could hardly find any wells where we could secure drinking water in an emergency.
 As you know, the Great Kanto Earthquake that occurred on September 1, 1923 was estimated that the magnitude of 7.9 and a maximum seismic intensity of 7, and the death toll is said to be over 100,000. This year marks exactly 100 years since the Great Kanto Earthquake. Large earthquakes are expected to occur every 100 years.
 Even in modern times, when a major earthquake occurs in inland areas, the water that comes out immediately when we turn the faucet may no longer come out, or a fire may occur. When a fire breaks out over a wide area, there aren't enough fire engines and they don't come due to traffic jam. You may not even be able to use the phone.
 To avoid this, we should get into the habit of storing bath water instead of flushing it, we leave wells open, and having at least three days' worth of water and food available since distribution will be stopped.
 The words left behind by my late parents, who experienced the great Kanto earthquake and world war Ⅱ, "Don't destroy the well." are still remained in my heart.
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2023年10月19日 (木)


Dear my friends abroad who like natural blessings
 Starting around 4pm today, I drove my blue car about 20km one way to "Yoshii Dream Center" after a long interval and wiped off the sweat. Please imagine me relaxing in a spacious bathtub overlooking Mt. Ushibuse. As the result, even though I feel lonely, tonight's dinner is fulfilling from the bottom of my heart.
 The purpose in my life from now on is not only to listen to the great western classical music, but also to play "Posthumous Nocturnes" by Chopin and 18th century's sonatas by the piano.
 At the same time, I would like to travel around Gumma Prefecture by my car. Gumma is blessed with hot springs, therefore I enjoy the natural blessings of active volcanoes that bubble up in the mountains.
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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 Today, October 19th, the "Autumn Festival" will be held at my local Kuragano-Shrine, where shrine maiden dance will be performed, and mikoshi (portable shrine) will be carried around the town, and the shrine will be crowded with townspeople visiting the shrine all day long.
 Not change the subject, but, today's sunrise in my Gumma Prefecture is 5:54 and sunset is 17:07. However, as you know, since the western part of Gumma Prefecture is a mountainous area, so that the sun actually sets around 4:45. For this reason, it will become more and more of a Tsurube Otoshi" that means the autumn sun sets really fast like a well bucket in Edo-period.
 When I looked it up and found that in Miyako-island in the southwest in Japan, today's sun rises at 6:38 and sunset at 18:09, at the same time, in Wakkanai-City in the Hokkaido, the sun rises at 5:54 and sunset is at 16:42. "Oh!" I discovered that the sunrise time is the same in Gumma Prefecture and Wakkanai-City. This is because the position of the sunrise has moved to the east-southeast.
 The trees in the garden are starting to turn red and fall. As autumn deepens, it's the best season to commune with nature through a walk outdoors. As we entered the era of 100-year lifespans, I will continue to move the body and train the brain to avoid senile dementia by memorizing English words which are used in daily life in US.
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2023年10月18日 (水)


Dear my friends abroad who are interested in the phase of moon
 When we think about the phase of the moon, it's strange. About four days ago, the thin moon [the waning moon] was shining on the left side appeared in the eastern sky "just before sunrise" but today it appears in the western sky like a crescent moon at dusk "after sunset". This is the [Waxing Moon]. The next 12 days will be a waxing moon.
 A waxing moon is literally a moon with a crescent at the top when it sets in the western sky, and the bright part gets bigger day by day. The moon in tonight's photo is exactly like that. It follows the Earth as it revolves. It is generally visible from dusk to midnight.
 On the other hand, a waning moon literally means that the crescent of the moon is low when it sets in the western sky. However, actually since it is blocked by the sunlight so that we cannot see. The bright areas become smaller day by day. It floats ahead of the Earth as it revolves. Generally a waning moon is visible from midnight until dawn.
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At 9:45 a.m., a jet plane departs from the Tohoku region and heads for the Kansai region. Today from an airplane, the passengers will get a great view of the lower world due to the fine weather. Probably there are many mountains in Japanese archipelago.

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 ところで柿の効能は「喉や鼻の健康維持につながり、風邪の予防に役立つ」と言われてます。 その他、ビタミンA、β-カロテンが備わり、これは大切な抗酸化作用です。抗酸化作用とは老化の原因とされる活性酸素を抑える働きがあり、柿を食べるといいことづくめです。
Dear my overseas friends
 This morning, the thermometer near the radio gymnastics venue showed 10°C. There was not a single cloud in the sky, so that the ridgelines of Gumma's famous peaks, such as Mt. Akagi and Mt. Mikabo were clearly visible. This means that the Japanese archipelago is covered by a continental high-pressure.
 One of our radio gymnastics friends was presenting two persimmons to each members. She came to me as well, so I said, "My name is originally Kakinuma that means Persimmon Marsh, so I needn't it." When I said that, everyone around us burst into laughter. Of course, as you can see, there are persimmon tree in my garden.
 By the way, the benefits of persimmon are said to be "maintaining the health of our throat and nose, and helping prevent colds." As you know, it also contains vitamin A and beta-carotene which are important antioxidants. Therefore, eating persimmon is full of benefits as it has an antioxidant effect that suppresses active oxygen, which is thought to prevent aging.
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2023年10月17日 (火)


Dear my friends abroad who put emphasis on your quality of voice
 Of course, what expresses a person's personality is not only their facial expressions, but also the tone of their voice. However, we are generally concerned about our own faces and often look in the mirror, it seems that we are surprisingly indifferent to the quality of our voices.
 If acquaintances are near here, we can immediately recognize them even if they are speaking out of sight. In this way, the voice represents the person' individuality. Generally speaking, for women, as they get older, it tends to be lower than when they were younger. Even if the pitch of men's voices does not change, their "tone quality" tends to decrease from when they were younger.
 The tone of one's voice and one's walking posture indicate a person's current level of health. Therefore in addition to training only the muscles of the legs and hips, but we should listen carefully to the quality of our own voice from time to time in the great outdoors. Just aiming for a voice that can reach faraway places will be different than before.
 When I am out in nature without people around, as shown in the photo, I make "long tones with vowels and humming". I feel that improving the nasal passages improves the quality of my voice.
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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 This year, the fragrant olive blooms about three weeks later than usual, and is now in full bloom. After all, it may be a result of global climate change.
 On the other hand, the photo is of morning glories that are now in full bloom in a neighbor's garden. Yesterday evening, while walking around Kuragano-town, there were so many blooming that I took a photo. When I observed closely at the petals, I could see that they were divided into 10 equal parts, and they bloomed in a variety of colors, making them quite beautiful. When seeing morning glories blooming brightly, even humans feel cheerful.
 As you know, I only grow plants that bloom on trees in my garden, and not so-called grass flowers. However, seeing this made me want to raise several types of morning glories starting next year.
 By the way, today I'm going to go again to the dermatologist I saw the other day. Fortunately, the spots on my face are gone. The morning glory flower looks like a human face. A bright expression is important.
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2023年10月16日 (月)


Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 The photo above the two photos was taken in the summer, and as you can see, the "Round Leaf Holly" has turned much redder, indicating that autumn is deepening. From now on, her color will continue to grow darker day by day, and by the end of November it will be bright red.
 As you have experienced, this summer was extremely hotter than usual, I watered the tree every day, so she is producing a lot of fruit, and I can see that the tree is doing well. I would be happy if this literally meant money, but things don't work in the world.
 By the way, just like watering a tree every day, working diligently day by day will lead to results such as a lot of flowers blooming and fruit.
 In terms of our human abilities, I believe that each day's daily training to increase flexibility and strength in our muscles, as well as in our brain, memory and creativity bring us closer to the results we are aiming for. Age is no barrier.
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2023年10月15日 (日)


Dear my overseas friends who love nature
 Mt. Akagi is sung not only in the Maebashi High School's school song, which begins with the lyrics, "We are sent to wind from Akagi, and we gather at the window of learning," but also in the lyrics were used by school songs of many elementary, junior high, and high school in Gumma Prefecture. The altitude is 1828m. It is said that the name of Akagiyama came from the fact that the mountain turns red entirely when the setting sun shines in the evening.
 If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can clearly see each peaks. The triangular peak from the left is Suzugatake, and the view from the top looks the mountains of the west of Gumma. Next are "Nabewariyama", "Arayama", "Jizodake", "Kurobiyama" (the highest peak), "Komagatake" and the easternmost "Choshichiroyama".
 I have climbed all the peaks, and each one has its own unique view, and I could see Mt. Fuji from every peaks. In particular, from the easternmost peak of Mt. Choshichiro, I could see a panoramic view of the Kanto Plain, as well as Tokyo Shinjuku's skyscrapers and Tokyo Bay. I have fond memories of going to mountain climbing on New Year's Day with my neighbors and having a great time with drinking at the top of this mountain.
 Near the top of Mt. Akagi, there are the caldera named "Onuma" and "Konuma" that store plenty of water. The former is about 4km in circumference that is one of my favorite walking courses, and on the south side of this lake there is a monument of Suzuki Kantaro, the Japanese Prime Minister at the end of the world war Ⅱ. He is a graduate from the aforementioned Maebachi High School.
 On the other hand, the surrounding area of lake "Konuma" is about 1km in circumference and has untouched nature, so I went around it several times. However, there is a scary "the River Styx" nearby, and something will probably come out later.
 Listen to me carefully. Actually, I decided to explore "The River Styx" by myself and headed to its source. Halfway through, I finally got so scared that my legs couldn't move forward and had no choice but to turn back. The forest was dark and thick. When I was alone I felt a shiver of fear run down my spine, and when I heard a sound I thought, "A ghost appeared!" I panicked and ran away.
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2023年10月14日 (土)


Dear my friends abroad who love mother
 Today is August 30th according to the lunar calendar (lunisolar calendar), so there is no moon in the sky today, and mid-autumn ends today, then the late autumn begins tomorrow. Even in my Gumma Prefecture, the leaves have started to turn red in mountainous region and we Japanese are finally heading into the cold season, but it is important to exercise hard, avoid malnutrition, and improve our physical strength.
 By the way, today is Railway Day in Japan. While walking, I spotted the Joetsu Shinkansen crossing the Kabra-River, but it was moving so fast that it was difficult for me to capture it on camera. Even so, I was able to take pictures from the leading vehicle to the following vehicle.
 As I wrote the other day, this area was my late mother's birthplace, Kibe-town near the Kabra-River. She must have played near this river when she was a child. She never thought that a dream super express would run in the future.
 While walking, I remembered many times that my mother worried about me during my youth. Mother is already in Heaven when I want to do filial piety.
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2023年10月13日 (金)


Dear my overseas friends who are interested in astronomical phenomenon
 This photo shows a waning moon with the age of 29 that was barely visible this morning. Actually, I heard on NHK radio this morning that a thin moon could be seen in various parts of Japan, so I immediately opened the eastern window, but it was already bright and I couldn't see it, but I looked closely. It was looked really thin.
 However, the camera can't capture it, so I took every chance to point the camera in the direction of the moon and click the shutter. After that, when I projected it on my computer, Kakky luckily it came out though it was Friday the 13th today.
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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 The large crape myrtle in the garden that started blooming in mid-July have been blooming for 90 days as of today. This summer has been extremely hot, making it unbearable for us humans, but the temperature may have been suitable for crape myrtle, because it is native to tropical countries such as southern China. The large crape myrtle was blooming more vividly than usual.
 However, now that October has arrived, the climate has gone beyond cool and has become colder. There are reports of the first snowfall in the high mountains such as Mt. Fuji. Even in Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture, it is especially cold from night to dawn. Although the leaves of the crape myrtle are green, the flowers have begun to disperse in large numbers. It is a delicate situation whether it will continue to bloom or not for the next 10 days, If possible it will continue to bloom literally for 100 days.
 During the time so far, the inside of the trunk was eaten away by small red ants, and sometimes the longhorn beetle made a large hole about 7 mm in diameter. I filled in the punch hole.
 Even under these bad conditions, the tree's vigor does not decline, and it continues to grow thicker year by year, giving the impression of a strong vitality. In comparison, as a human being, I tend to say to die. My situation is similar to crape myrtles due to living alone. In the coming days, I will be encouraged and taught by the crape myrtle and I crack my weak mind, and life is only one chance to live so that I live in my own way. The photo shows a turtledove that comes every day to the drinking place that I have prepared under the crape myrtle.
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2023年10月12日 (木)


Dear my friends abroad
 Today, I will give guidance to Kuragano Elementary School children on their way home safely from school. I patrol the route from school and encourage children. Especially for children who return from school alone, I make them feel that people are interconnected with this society. Now I will go.

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Dear my friends who are interested in astronomical phenomenon
 This is a waning moon of the age of 28 taken at 5:45 this morning. It was difficult for me to take a photo because I couldn't get it by the camera. At this time of year, the morning star [Venus] is in the upper right corner, but the sky is so bright at this time that it can hardly be seen.

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Dear my overseas friends who are interested in astronomical phenomenon
 Yesterday around 4pm, I walked along the Kabura-River-Bridge, which connects Fujioka-City via the bank in Kibe-town, Takasaki City. It's a truly modern bridge, high above the river, surrounded by nature, with good air quality, and the scenery is particularly spectacular. Also, as you can see, the sidewalk is about 2.5m wide, enough for a car to pass through. Here my feet naturally move forward.
 The mountain ahead is Mt. Haruna, one of the well-known three mountains in Gumma prefecture, and I have climbed each peaks in the past, so that I walked while remembering that experience. The most impressive sight was the view of Mt. Mizusawa seeing from the summit of Mt. Me-dake, which is shown in the first photo on this Facebook page. I recommend you to climb it due to relatively easy to climb.
 Noy change the subject, but about 50 migratory birds which are believed to be from Russia, fly to the Kabura-River, which flows below, and rest their wings on the river's surface. This year, they are expected to arrive in mid-December.
 In fact, this area is where my late mother lived when she was a child. Once in my life, about 50 years ago, I took my mother on my bicycle and we visited a shrine built by our ancestors here.
 During her lifetime, my mother talked about how moved she was when she saw Halley's Comet as a child on the bank of the Kabura-River, with her mother leading her by the hand. She said, "It had a very long and beautiful tail." It is probably Halley's Comet which appeared in 1910, I guess.
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2023年10月11日 (水)


Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 I apologize to the young people, because I tend to talk about health, but my concern is always being in strength of legs. As long as we are in good shape, we are able to expand our knowledge and information forever. I walk every day in the morning and evening, and if possible, I include walking up and down the stairs as you can see.
 This is because I realize that the load on our thighs and calves is completely different between we walk on a flat road and we climb stairs. Now, more than half a century later, I realize that the "Lou's Law" that I learned as a student is true, and I practice.
 "Muscles become thinner if we don't use, and muscles are maintained and developed if we use in moderation. However, if we use excessively, they can become damaged." I also believe that our lives are maintained by our muscles. All organs in the body are made of muscles. Of course, this is accompanied by a proper diet.
 Everyone tends to lose weight as they get older. However, considering the above mentions, I believe that it is better to maintain a certain amount of weight, so as to being in good shape. In order to stay healthy by my own initiative, I would like to train my legs and hips and maintain a posture so as not to press the internal organs such as the lungs and digestive system.
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2023年10月10日 (火)


Dear my friends abroad
 You can see the colorful azaleas when they bloomed on the artificial mound in front of the entrance this spring. If you look closely, you can see 4 different types because there are light purple flowers blooming on the right edge as well.
 In addition to this location, there is a mixture of orange and white azalea. So totally there are 5 types of azaleas. In the future, I expect gradually to become more colorful garden, like a musical harmony.

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Dear my overseas friends who like color of flowers
 The plant in the photo is an azalea that has grown to about 30cm in height. The color is deep reddish-purple, and there are three of the same type, and after I watered them daily in a sunny place, their growth are spectacular beyond expectation.
 There is a large azalea that my late father planted 60 years ago still blooms in the spring on a corner of the Tsukiyama that means artificial mound. When I pruned this azalea two years ago, I used cuttings from fallen branches. Then roots have grown. Cuttings are a convenient way to propagate plants, and it is strange that roots will come out when we insert them.
 After researching, I found out that not all plants can be grown from cutting. We can grow them from cuttings, such as money tree, hydrangea, and hibiscus. Among them, azaleas come in a variety of colors, and they are a quick way to add colors to our garden.
 Currently, there are five different colors of azaleas in my garden, and they bloom all at once from April to May. One of the best pleasures to grow plants is the abundance of their colors.
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2023年10月 9日 (月)


Dear my overseas friends
 I am sorry that the simultaneous interpretation for your understanding above mentioned contents will be later.
  Today is sports day in Japan. However, unfortunately it is raining in Gumma prefecture. For this reason, even when the temperature is 20° indoors, I feel colder than cool. Still, the atmospheric pressure is relatively high at 1026 hPa, which is probably due to the high pressure that covers northern Japan today . I will continue to work on a balanced diet and exercise, aiming to put my health first.
 Last night, I met many familiar faces at the 65th anniversary celebration of the High School Wind Orchestra after a long interval. And we had a great time. Many of the men and women were in their 50s and 60s, making me realize how many years have passed since then. Still, as we talked, my mind went back to the happy Showa-era, and we were hanging out as a second party and returned home at 11:30. The next celebration will be in 5 or 10 years, but I want to stay healthy so as to be able to meet again.
 By the way, the crape myrtles have been blooming in the garden for three months so far. This year, it may literally reach 100 days in just 10 days. Most of the plants I post on Facebook are from my garden, except for this cosmos. The photo shows the cosmos blooming at the garden next door, and the colors are beautiful. Today I will work indoors all day long due to rain.
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2023年10月 8日 (日)


Dear my overseas friends who like great music
 Tonight, a celebration commemorating the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Takasaki Commercial High School wind orchestra will be held at a hotel in Takasaki. Because I am the oldest of the past advisors. And because I have worked at Takasho for 11 years, the OB/OG chairman asked me to give a speech at the ceremony. Since I am not the organizer, my speech will be after the toast.
 When I give a speech, I narrow it down to three or four topics in advance. Of course, I would like to start by thanking the organizers for their efforts.
 Deciding on a theme will make me feel much better. Also, the important matter during the party is to "look at the faces of the attendees." In particular, if I look at the lady's face while talking, I can make the conversation more specific and add flavor by saying, "This happened to us" too.
 Since retiring, the only public speech I have ever given is at a farewell party for teachers dispatched to Japanese schools overseas. The speech was held when presenting the sheet music of the national anthems of each countries by me. I feel at ease because I know many of the participants every years.
 Tonight, I would like to speak calmly and look the participant's eyes without speaking too quickly. After that, I would like to chat with as many people as possible. Actually, I just had completely set up at a nearby barber shop.
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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 When I grow a variety of plants, seeds spill out and the children of those plants grow naturally. The most common plant in my garden is the "Bicolored Weeping Peach" named Genpei-Shidare, and in many years about 20 of children grow.
 Strangely, due to Mendel's "law of separation," children are often born with another characteristics different from their parents. The parent's flowers were pink and white, but the child's flowers were only bright red, or the flowers were dapped. she is rare, so I'm currently raising her. They will grow to about 1 meter in height and will bloom in earnest next spring.
 The photo is an example of the "law of separation", the parents are light pink, but as you can see, the offspring are dark red. this plant is "Mayumi." This red is a fruit, not a flower. Flowers bloom in spring. It stands out especially in this bleak season.
 The same is true for humans, Children's characteristics do not necessarily have to be the same as their parents, and children may exhibit their talents in different situations due to mutation. In addition, the blood of ancestors such as grandparents may appear as an atavism, and from elementary school to junior high school, the child's characteristics will become apparent. Then the parents should develop their talents.
 The role of parents is to discover the child's special qualities, "see through them early," and help them to develop. This can be seen not only in sports and art, but also in science including a variety of other situations. For this reason, as parents, I think it is important to create an environment where children have the opportunity to experience by showing and listening to a variety of "real things" since an early age. When it comes to plants, the color and shape of the tree are the main characteristics and I look forward to seeing them every year.
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2023年10月 7日 (土)


 Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 I recently switched from the energizing milk that I had been drinking every day to extra-concentrated soy milk. I drink a glass of it after a meal. For this reason, one pack is used approximately 900cc per day. The taste is mellow.
 The first advantage of soy milk that is a plant-based drink, is that it has a large antioxidant effect. Moreover, it has no cholesterol. I have a big purpose of reducing triglyceride. It is also valuable because it provides potassium which helps eliminate salt from the body, and magnesium which helps contract muscles and regulate body's temperature and blood pressure. It's been about 3 days since my first time, but I don't feel any fatigue in my body.
 I'm going to continue my life with extra-concentrated soy milk. Every year in May, I have a blood test done during my regular checkup, so I'm looking forward to the next result. Will there be any improvement in triglyceride and blood sugar levels? I look forward to it.
 Meanwhile, exercise will continue as usual with radio gymnastics sessions. It's a 10 minute walk to the venue, so I worked out for a total of 30 minutes before breakfast and got hungry before breakfast. When walking, I take long strides and look far into the distance as I walk through my hometown of Kuragano.
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2023年10月 6日 (金)


Dear my friends abroad who like spar and sushi of Japanese cuisine
 The weather in my Gumma Prefecture is completely winter-like, with cold seasonal winds blowing from the northwest all day long. Therefore, in the afternoon, I drove my car to my favorite place which is the Yoshii Dream Center to warm up.
 Even if I take a few detours, I choose a road with a good surface, a wide road that is empty. With the tire aspect ratio of 35%, it runs stably as if it grips the road surface, so I could easily pick up speed. However, I have never been caught speeding since riding the Audi TT.
 The sky is clear so that the three well-known mountains in Gumma stands out clearly, and the mountain in the photo is Mt. Haruna, which is said to be almost in the middle of Japan. Once in a while, it's fun to drive around the scenic beauty in Gumma Prefecture.
 However, since there is no one in the passenger seat, I feel a bit blank in my heart. After taking a wide bath, I felt hungry. Once in a while, I will eat some delicious sushi to fill the void in my heart, with thinking of you.
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Dear my overseas friends who are the same earthling as me
 A winter-like monsoon blew in the Japanese archipelago yesterday, as a result, a huge "Winter Diamond" was clearly visible in the early hours of today. The photo is the waning moon of phase 22, which was in the "Winter Diamond".
 The moon is approximately 380,000 km away from our Earth, and when viewed from the North Star side, it revolves around the Earth counterclockwise. And it takes approximately 29 and a half days. Unlike the sun, the figure of 380,000 km is relatively easy for us to understand. This is because it is a number that can be compared to the mileage of our car. The "Isuzu 117 Coupe" I used to drive had covered 260,000 km, during my active years, I rode it every day to work, so it took me two-thirds of the way to the moon.
 What I feel when I look at the moon is that, just like the moon, our earth is floating in the dark universe. When looking at the earth from a certain point, it waxes and wanes just like the moon. Human beings are generally active when sunlight shines on them, and sleep when sunlight is not shining on them. 
 Not change the subject, but the age of the moon is thought to be approximately 4.6 billion years old. As the Earth revolves, the moon when it is in front of the Earth is called the waning moon, and it is waning smaller day by day. Generally, it is visible from midnight until dawn the same as this time.
 On the other hand, as the Earth revolves around the Earth, when it follows the Earth, it is called the waxing moon, and it is waxing day by day. It is generally visible from dusk until late at night.
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2023年10月 5日 (木)


Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 Today, October 5th, the sunrise is at 5:41 and the sunset is at 17:23 [Gumma Prefecture, Japan]. Therefore, the daytime time is 11 hours and 42 minutes, and the night time is 12 hours and 18 minutes, so that the night time is about 30 minutes longer.
 On the other hand, today, the sun's meridian angle is 49°. By the way, it is 77° at the summer solstice and 30° at the winter solstice. For this reason, sunlight is gradually entering the depths of the room.
 Furthermore, in terms of the orbit of our Earth is floating, it is in the direction of the eastern end of Pisces which is one of the zodiac constellations. "Pisces" is easily recognized by you because it resembles the shape of India. It is located diagonally due south at midnight.
 Not change the subject, but starting today, the atmospheric pressure distribution will become winter-like with high in the west and low in the east near the Japanese archipelago and the cold air from the continent is expected to enter, therefore it will cause the cold temperatures to drop. You may be wondering, "Where has the intense heat wave of the other day gone?''
 Autumn is finally here. We want to reduce the amount of time we spend sitting at home and move around as much as possible. Singing our voice clearly and playing a musical instrument such as a piano use each function of our body more than we might expect.
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2023年10月 4日 (水)


 昔の人はいいことを言ったものです。それはHunger is the best sauceです。今日は午後4時過ぎに家を出て、ピッチを上げず、少々ストライドを広くしました。結果的にこれでスピードが上がります。
Dear my overseas friends
 People in the past used to say nice proverb. That's Hunger is the best sauce. I left the home after 4pm today, and I didn't raise my pitch, and took a slightly wider stride. As a result, this way of walking increases speed.
 My parents weren't tall, but I was a member of the basketball team in junior high school, so I was able to grow taller, though I grew up in the era of food shortages after the world war Ⅱ.
 It seems that humans will someday be unable to walk, so I would like to continue walking as long as possible.
 While walking, I did something unusual today in a safe place, of course. What do you think? The answer is after 9 o'clock Japan time!
This was my first experience, but I walked backwards for a while. Then I learned that I used the shin muscles of my legs.

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Dear my friends abroad who are researching into real health
 First of all, don't be surprised by the photo which shows the forest of marriage. This is the shore of Lake Oshio located south of Tomioka City, Gumma Prefecture, where I used to work. The lake has a circumference of 3.2km and there is a path that we can walk around the lake. There are about 1,000 cherry trees in the surrounding area, and the natural environment is great for walking around this mountainous area. It situates near the famous Gumma Safari Park.
 By the way, I must apologize to young people, but in my case, this is a "Pressing issue". The question is, "What is necessary to aim for a healthy longevity?" Apart from brain activity, for this purpose I am thinking of moderate exercise in a place full of clean oxygen, as well as my daily diet.
 In general, everyone's age and weight become the same someday between their 40s and 60s. However, in my case, my age and weight numbers are the same now. As the result, I have been consuming relatively large amounts of milk and eggs until now, although these are important as an energy measure, but from now on I am switching to soy milk and bananas so as to reduce fat and cholesterol.
 Generally, food has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of nutrition, but each has its good points, so the point is not to go to extremes and eat everything, but think about what I am lacking in my current health level and what I am eating too much. I would like to practice moderate exercise and balanced nutrition as my age.
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2023年10月 3日 (火)


Dear my friends abroad
 Rarely I'm going to the dermatology hospital this afternoon by reservation. There's something strange boil or eruption which is growing up around my hairline, so I'd like to have it removed.
 P.S.: It was my first time visiting a dermatologist, so I was confused about finding the place. I received immediate treatment and it was over in about 10 minutes.
 However, the staff at the counter were polite and the doctor was a young woman, so I wanted to go again. I highly recommend this dermatology. This is "Sumire Dermatology" in Takasaki City.
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Dear my overseas friends
 This morning, when I went to the radio gymnastics venue, I wore socks and long sleeves for the first time in this season. A thermometer near the venue showed 14 degrees Celsius, which is quite low. Until recently, the temperature was close to 30 degrees even in the early morning, so the Japanese season is rapidly moving towards autumn.
 At the same time, in the western sky, the waning moon, age 19, stands out in the bright blue sky, indicating that four days have passed since the previous "Harvest Moon." When you zoom in on a photo of the moon, you can will clearly see the craters below, and you can understand that the sun is hitting this part from the side, and we can see that there is a desolate world on the moon surface.
 Not change the subject, but during radio gymnastics, I consciously try to take deep breath when I move my body. I recently discovered that when I raise my shoulders and arms, I can get more air into my chest than when I take a normal deep breath. The next time I measure my vital capacity, I'm looking forward to knowing the numbers because if I inhale to my chest's full and then raise my shoulders even more, I'll be able to inhale more air. Everyone please try it.
 Always breathe through your nose when taking deep breath. What's more, when you vomit, you "purse your mouth". By doing this movement, your residual air will be well produced, and a lot of oxygen will be inhaled into your body. I believe that deep breathing is healthier when done in the midst of lush trees.
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2023年10月 2日 (月)


Dear my overseas friends
 The crape myrtles started blooming on July 16th as if to celebrate my birthday and have been blooming for 75 days already. This crape myrtle may be the most widespread branches in my Kuragano-Town. I've been walking around town, but I haven't seen any large crape myrtles.
 What's more, she is still in full bloom and her colors have not faded, I feel she has a sense of vitality this year. As for the cause of this condition, is this summer's intense heat a favorable climate for her, as she is native to tropical countries? Thanks to this, I felt cooler when I entered into the wide shade.
 Not change the subject, but just like crape myrtles, I am also trying to think out what I can do to keep my body and mind well. As you already read, I sometimes wrote about physical health methods, such as Calf-Raising for smooth blood circulation, Teppo like a push up to strengthen the upper body, and I drink non-sweet juices that contain antioxidant such as beta-carotene, lycopene, and isoflavones on an empty stomach every early in the morning. I participate in radio gymnastics sessions, and do the aforementioned walking.
 However, the important mental aspect is that I have been forced to live alone for 19 years, so that "how to live my daily life" is an urgent issue for me. In fact, if I look at the participants of radio gymnastics events, many of them live alone, and this is human destiny. Couples end up alone in the end, so I don't think it's just my fate.
 I try to live a "life with challenges" every day. Yesterday, I got an A4 university notebook with 80 pages. I use this notebook as a vocabulary book and focus on one thing "How to say this word in English." For example, I looked up the word for the aforementioned "antioxidant effect" in a Japanese-English dictionary and wrote it down in my notebook, including the phonetic symbols and accent. Every day, I discover new words and phrases one after another, therefore there is no end point. I feel like "life is an endless journey".
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2023年10月 1日 (日)












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Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation for you will be later, because from now on I will participate to the radio gymnastics held at the park and take a breakfast. Then I'll interpret into English for your understanding above mentioned contents.
 As you know, I'm not a heavy drinker, but I like fun talking about random with sharing drinks with a person, and I think this behavior will continue for the rest of my life. A long time ago, my father and mother also enjoyed drinking, so I am grateful to them that I am descended from their blood.
 However, my father seemed to suffering from sinusitis, and my mother had hypertension. What happened? I also inherited these diseases from my parents. That's why I sometimes rely on my local doctor. Still, I've been making changes to my lifestyle and taking various precautions, so that I feel better now than before.
 I have enjoyed drinking ever since I was young and staying in Calcutta city. I remember that the Hindus and Muslims around me didn't seem to drink much, but there was taverns in town, and I would often go out there after some event, saying it a review meeting.
 I got this container like an Arabian feel, thinking about how much fun it would be, if I drink with wife together while dreaming of the future, but we've never used it before. This is currently in my piano room. I may be just intoxicated by playing the piano. It's a valuable item that I acquired with great effort in my youth, so I'd like to be able to use it someday. That's right, for now I want to use it for off-line meetings on Facebook.
 October is in full swing from today. If I enjoy drinking alcohol before dinner, It needs for me to spend the daytime hours studying, working, and exercising to the fullest. If not, I'll end up being just another drinker. In order to make delicious alcohol, I must accompany it with a fulfilling daytime.
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