2020年2月13日 (木)






 Tell me about the barometer of gastrointestinal health? The answer is "being hungry and sound in stomach as googling". So being hungry proved healthy.

 Today, I walked back and forth in front of the garden from 5:30 in the evening, It was 10 round trips that means 1000 meters in distance. Recording the number of steps is by moving the stone on the fence as you see. My intention was to spread my stride more than usual due to increase the speed.

 The main menu for dinner is “Yakitori” chicken kebab baked by myself and “Yudofu” warmed soybean curd. Warmed sake is very suitable for these cuisines.

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2020年1月29日 (水)





 There is an unusual grocer store located within walking distance so it is convenient for me. Generally, I feel a bit cheaper than a supermarket. As you see in the photo, I eat "Hassaku orange" which contains vitamin C, citric acid, and potassium that is thought to lower blood pressure. I eat it after lunch as a seasonal fruit from winter to spring because this season is easily sick.  

 By the way, I guess today's rain may part from winter. Perhaps today or tomorrow, a red plum named Kagoshima variety will bloom. Today is the anniversary of my father who was born at the end of 19th century. Worship!


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2019年11月10日 (日)









 The photo shows Lake Haruna in Gumma prefecture, Japan and the left is Mt, Eboshi and the right is Mt,Haruna-Fuji. I had ever climbed the both with students before.

 Agatsuma Neurosurgery is far below this, and yesterday I received a "cancer screening" by echo. The target organs are bladder, prostate, gallbladder, liver, kidney and pancreas. Immediately the imaging diagnosis was performed by the doctor and there were no lesions. 

 For this reason, I had a toast by myself last night. It may be the effect of drinking tomato juice containing lycopene and carrot juice containing β-carotene every early morning when I am hungry. Both have strong antioxidant effect.

 Those who believe will be saved. Therefore I will continue. 


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2019年6月 7日 (金)

タンパク質 身体作りに 欠かせない


 I found a large soybean curd (tofu in Japabese) of 30 yen each at the nearest supermarket yesterday. The contents are normal cotton soybean curd with only a few scratches. As you know, soybean curd is made of soybeans. Soybean is said to be "Meat of the field" and is rich in protein beyond our expectation. Generally since muscle loss is liable to be occurred after the age of 50. So that it is a measure against sarcopenia. In addition, it also serves as an antioxidant effect and a measure against osteoporosis. Therefore, soybean products including soybean-milk are important food. I think soybean products are indispensable food for our health and longevity.



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2019年6月 4日 (火)

金柑と 梅の饗宴 収穫す




 A lot of kumquat in the garden were produced this year. I can't eat it alone, so the other day I asked the nearby children to pick it, but it's still bearing. I will eat little by little.

 On the other hand, the plum is bearing like lots of bells. It blooms from February to March, bears fruit in June, so it entertains humans twice. We have an Ocarina practice event on the 7th of this month at my Indian room, so they will pick after their practice.




 Last night I had a drink at a tavern named "Baku" in Takasaki-city after one month interval. My health of this year is good compared with last year, and I celebrated that my favorite fence was constructed in the yard.

 And my friend of regular customer “Mr. near the clock shop” who was ex-teacher of Takasaki girl's high school also came. Oh yeah, I celebrated in advance so as to that my big dream comes true in Reiwa era. Can you imagine my dream?


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2019年3月16日 (土)

リコピンが すぐに吸収 空腹時


I have already continued for more than a year and a half. It is drinking vegetable juice containing the tomato as you see in the early morning. Since hunger, It flows quickly from stomach to duodenum to the small intestine. As tomato contains lycopene, which has an antioxidant effect, I was taught this fact at a lecture by Dr. Gumma University of Medicine that it is effective in preventing prostate cancer. By the way, it is said that the first place of cancer that men suffer from is prostate. I am able to continue because it is delicious. My prostate, be healthy forever !


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2019年1月19日 (土)

寂しくも 充実してる 一人もん


Please see the dinner of a living alone man for reference. Every night, it is alike. Sashimi=sliced raw fish, Yakitori=chicken kebab, sticky Okra, Kokabu=sliced turnip, Yogurt, and indispensable one cup of sake. There are quite energy, but I consume vegetables as well. There is no cereal for diabetes prevention at evening meal..


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2018年9月30日 (日)



Since a few years ago, I was told by the doctor that I am anemic. Recently, when I received the blood test again at the internal medicine of department that opened nearby, I was told that the numerical value of anemia is quite low. So I devised a lot about meal contents. Everyone, there is something, if we look for. Today, I found a drink supplement including iron at the supermarket. Then I am looking forward to blood test in mid-October. How about the next result?

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2017年12月11日 (月)



 他方、第一声がWe make America great againとのスピーチには驚いたものですが、その後も相変わらず、超タカ派的な発言を繰り返す大統領による世界への影響は凄まじいものがあり、エルサレム問題を始め、世界平和に対する脅威はオバマ時代より、急速に懸念される一年になってると感じます。
Photo_2 【ピアノは気持ちと末端神経を陶冶】 

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2013年12月 2日 (月)


P1040437  両親がそうであったことからか、私もアルコール類は好きな方です。しかし、ここへ来て以前とは飲み方が変わってきました。家では日本酒はワンカップで充分。量をあまり飲まなくなりました。切り上げが早く、その後は全く飲みたくありません。この点は健康的になったと言えるでしょう。



Photo  皆さんは以前に、職場で使う披露宴用の臼を私の家に借りに来たことがあり、すでに知り合いでしたが、時代の波でしょうか、たまたま全員がフェイスブックを通じて、日々親しくなっていたことから会は予想を超えて盛り上がりました。


 酒に酔うより「酒を味わう」には赤ワインと悟った瞬間です。こんなことから、その後、家では日本酒ではなく赤ワインになりましたが、物足りない気持ちはなく、むしろ味わい深く、Cloud nineで極楽の感です。


P1040440  一方、最近は時々「めかぶ」を食卓に並べてます。国産です。何でもそうですが、体内に入れる食品は生産地を知ることが購入時の基本です。





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