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Persimmon Marsh  掲示板


2024年3月12日 (火)


Interpretaton mentioned above
〇Even though he says that life extension is not necessary for him, he still go to the doctor.
〇The old man answers as "round" at the eye test.
〇He is an old man who drowns in the bathtub, not in love.
〇The graveyard issue is more severe problem in my house than the base issue.
〇I don't stray in life, but I get lost the way to my house.
Dear my overseas friends
 The simultaneous interpretation of the contents above "Silver Senryu" for your understanding will be after my breakfast in Japan time.
 There is a bulletin board for the Kamishi district of my Kuragano-town right in front of my garden. This time, I would like to introduce the "Silver Senryu" that is featured in the "Longevity Association Announcement" posted there.
 As you know, "Silver Senryu" is created by skillfully incorporating 575 letter's poem about the mental aspects and events that occur in real life that are common to elderly people who have lived a long life. The content skillfully expresses things that can happen to anyone as people grow older, and the readers will find "Indeed".
 On the other hand, even if we want to create our own senryu that will make the reader smile and say "Indeed'', it won't be easy. Here, we must have a "mind of valuing humor" every day through many experiences along with literary talent. We also want to live a happy daily life by communicating closely with the people around us. And we should communicate our daily experiences and impressions through words.

2024年2月17日 (土)


 調べてみると、金柑の栄養は実の部分よりも皮に多く含まれ、ビタミンCを吸収して毛細血管を強くしたり、 血中コレステロールを改善して血圧上昇を抑制し、動脈硬化の予防や抗アレルギー作用、そして、発がん抑制作用があると言われ、かなり健康によいと考えられます。
Dear my friends abroad
 Recently, I've been eating 5 kumquats for lunch every day, but it doesn't decrease by my eating only. As you know, it's easy to eat including the skin so that it is convenient and delicious.
 According to research, the skin of kumquat contains more nutrients than the fruit, and it absorbs vitamin C which strengthens capillaries, improves blood cholesterol, suppresses hypertension, and prevents arteriosclerosis. It is said to have anti-allergic and anti-carcinogenic effect, therefore kumquat is considered to be quite healthy.
 Because we can "chew and eat" it, I have memorized it Kumquat in English.

2023年4月27日 (木)


Dear my friends abroad
 I just returned from the tavern named "Baku" in Takasaki. As usual, I didn't go to the second arty, so please take it easy tonight. I came home by train.
 I had a very productive two hours." A blog commentator, watch-maker Tokei-ya no Neighbor, also came and we had a lively conversation, because when I asked him questions like "How did you get acquainted with your wife?" So he was upset.
 Actually, I went to "Baku" after taking a bath at "Yoshii Dream Center today, so I have much taste for draft beer. I think that feeling delicious is a barometer of health. I won't go out drinking for a while, and from tomorrow I will be alone at home and drink alone. Oh what a sad life.
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2023年3月30日 (木)


Dear my friends abroad who like epigram
 In front of my garden is the "Furusato" meeting place in Kami 4 District, Kuragano-Town, Takasaki-city. There is a bulletin board with various information for people near here.
 This time, I found a very funny "Silver Senryu" that means witty epigrammatic Japanese poem containing seventeen syllables in the newspaper of the Kami 4 district longevity association. I would like all of you to taste and understand the earnest feelings of the elderly.
 Far from laughing, I'm sure they have a serious expression in their heart."
※上記の英文をネイティブの発音で聴くには英文をドラッグしてコピーし、次に貼り付けて下さい。なお、右上の欄を必ずUS Englishにしてください。https://ttsreader.com/ja/

2021年12月 4日 (土)

真剣に 健康志向 中高年

Dear my friends in foreign nations and Japan
 When I went to "Forest of Gumma" where is 3-4km away from my house for the first time in 3-4 years yesterday before noon, I was surprised that too many middle-aged and older people were walking seriously. After all, in order to survive this uncertain era, I could understand that the people are desperately hoping for the health of our legs and feet, of course including the reliable pulsation of cardiopulmonary function.
 This time, when I walked through the woods from end to end, I found that the roads in "Forest of Gumma" were well maintained and the forest is quite spacious.
 Not change the subject ,but there is a sundial on the way, which is rare, so I often observed it, but it certainly shows that this time is past 11 o'clock. By the way, how many sundials are there? At first glance, it looks like one, but it is also an correct answer that there are three. The reason is that the apparatus is called Sundial in English. The pronunciation of sundial means that there are three in the language of Japan.
※上の英文をネイティブの発音で聴くには英文をドラッグしてコピーし、次に貼り付けて下さい。なお、右上の欄を必ずUS Englishにしてください。https://ttsreader.com/ja/...

2021年9月18日 (土)

今チャンス エアコン止めて 換気して

Dear my overseas friends
 The photo indicates a stone statue in a nearby house. If Mr. Kinjiro Ninomiya who is like a diligent sample of reading while helping the housework. If he lives in this era, he will do his best with his mask to prevent infection.
 By the way, looking at the statistics, coronavirus infections tend to increase during summer and winter season. Perhaps the reason is that we seek coolness, warmth by air conditioning, and crowds with many people in narrow and poorly ventilated room.
 It's finally autumn in Japan. Let's enjoy nature in a wide field full of fresh air. If possible, the coming autumnal season may be an opportunity to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

2021年9月 7日 (火)

18才と 81才の 違い・・もしかして大喜利から 

 In front of my garden is the meeting place named "Furusato" that means homeland of Kami-four district in Kuragano-town. The following was posted on the bulletin board here.
 One who drowns in love is 18 years old, and one who drowns in the bathtub is 81 years old.
One who is roaring the road is 18 years old, and one who is driving backwards on the road is 81 years old.
The fragile heart is 18 years old, and the fragile bone is 81 years old.
One who doesn't stop pounding in love is 18 years old, and one who doesn't stop palpitations is 81 years old.
One who is stuffed with love is 18 years old, and one who is stuffed with sticky rice cakes is 81 years old.
One who is worrying about deviation value is 18 years old, one is worrying about blood pressure and diabetes value is 81 years old.
One who doesn't know anything yet is 18 years old, and one who doesn't remember anything anymore is 81 years old.
One who is looking for future himself is 18 years old, and everyone is looking for me due to wondering by dementia is 81 years old.

2020年3月30日 (月)





 志村けんさんは今日から始まったNHK朝ドラ「エール」で山田耕筰の役として出演予定で、すでに幾度か収録済みと言われます。 合掌。

 I was surprised at the obituary. The greatness of Mr. Ken Shimura lies in his performances as a comedian that foreign children who do not understand Japanese, can easily understand his fun. I recall that a New Zealand elementary school girl student who had been home staying at my home before, was interested in watching his TV show and she was rolling around in his funny performance.

 A gifted person has such an universal power. When familiar person dies on TV, many people in the world, as well as in Japan, are saddened from the bottom of their hearts.

 Mr. Ken Shimura is scheduled to appear in the role of the music composer Kosaku Yamada in the NHK morning drama "Yell" that started today, and it is said that he has already recorded several times. Warship.


2018年11月24日 (土)





 The number one in the beautiful skin Grand Prix in Japan 2018 is Shimane prefecture. The second is Akita prefecture, the third is Ishikawa prefecture. Last year's number one was Toyama Prefecture. Our Gumma prefecture is ranked 47th in the lowest ranking for 2 consecutive years. People on the side of the Sea of Japan may have good skin. On that point, is Gumma prefecture influenced by the dry wind? It is disgraceful result. I will take care of my skin as well. By the way, a friend who comments on my blog was posted on the USO broadcast of the Yomiuri Newspaper about this. congratulations.




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