2020年4月 7日 (火)





 Since the first semester started today, we patrolled the local elementary school zone. However, the mother of a neighbor whose childre are elementary school student, contacted me that it was decided that school will be closed from tomorrow until May holidays. Again, the long vacation begins, I sometimes take charge of two children of next door due to working couple.

 According to the news, one case has been reported in Tamamura Town. Life has changed a lot in the world, but at such times, correct information is important. We can't see the end, but now is the time for patience. Let's do our best with hope. Special thanks to healthcare professionals.


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2020年2月 3日 (月)























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2019年11月 9日 (土)







 The season bacame the begining of winter. The garden looks somehow sad, and the human lives lonely in this spacius premises. Where has the family's bustle of the past gone?

 So, one of the most important things in our life is never give up. Period of life is to be a centenarian.  I will do my best what I need to do in order to make my dream come true at all ages. Please look at my life from now on.

 By the way, today I'm going to Agatsuma Neurosurgery near Yamba Dam that was a bone of contention whether Japanese government constructs or not during more than a half century.

 Since my student's father is the doctor at the hospital, I have already been diagnosed by him for almost 20 years. The doctor is an adviser of the program named "Tameshite Gatten" (Tried Understanding) "televised from NHK. Then I will go. 



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2019年8月26日 (月)

快い 汗は心拍 110前後



 I walked about 4.2km on the bank of Kabra-river from 5pm yesterday evening. The sun came out a little, but the western sky was almost hidden behind the clouds so it was not hot and the temperature was comfortable. I walked while singing some marches in my heart learned during my junior high school age. Then the speed was almost ♩ = 120, so that my walking speed was constant. After all, I finished walking at 5:46 and my blood circulation became very ideal with the heart rate of around 110. I went back home and watched TV program titled Shohten for 24 hours television. The beer was very delicious beyond expectation.


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2019年5月24日 (金)

複雑な 鼻の構造 迷路です    



 There are many nasal organs inside our face. Since I had a nose surgery in my young days, I am very concerned about the flow of air in the nasal cavities.

 If we only listen to a person's voice, we can understand who he or she is. This is because the sound is depending on the shape of nasal organs. Therefore we know person without seeing by the sound that is different from person to person I guess. Also, we have to keep in mind that it is indispensable for us to breathe through the nasal organs for expecting health of the lungs.



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2019年5月 8日 (水)

新緑の 光合成を 吸いに出る


 It is an ideal season now in a year. We should go out and move the whole body and sharpen our five sense of the breath of the nature in this season. Currently, the wonderful thing is the fragrance of fresh green. We should be conscious of breathing in green, walk quickly and spread a little stride, and make blood circulation smoother through walking. We want to strengthen the idispesable cardiopulmonary function as well.




 In the current season, when we look at the southern sky at 4 am in Japan, there is "Scorpio" that is a peculiar shaped constellation, and in a little east, Jupiter and Saturn are shining above the Ecliptic. We can see Venus on the eastern horizon as well. It is "Lucifer" in other words it is the morning star. As the earth revolves, we can feel the season while watching the constellations. The planets are not related to the season. Of course, in the southern hemisphere, the direction of the sky is upside down. This diagram is in case of seeing in the northern hemisphere.




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2019年4月 2日 (火)

新元号 今蘇る 万葉集



 Today I went to the day spa named Yoshii Dream Center by car before lunch. The hot water that burns the trash warms up well. Since I have stayed here before, I would like to stay again someday during a hopeful "Reiwa Era". I ate 100 percent of soba noodle at home for lunch. Rutin which is contained in Soba, is considered to give elasticity to capillaries. Capillaries carry oxygen and nutrients to the body's all organs, therefore it maintains our life. 




Yesterday, the Japanese archipelago felt hope swelling with the new national era name. From May 1 of this year, it will be "Reiwa". I am glad that one letter of my name is used. So I went to Takasaki last night and drank a cup [a lot].



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2019年3月31日 (日)

平成と きれいに惜別 わが家の床



As I mentioned before, my house has a spacious floor, so I didn't get cleaned enough. In addition, living alone of a man by any means tends to be unsanitary. However, since I started using a mop named "Duskin", no matter when there are visitors. the floor looks shiny. If you are near, please come and see. Even if a local welfare officer visits frequently, she says an impression, "It is beautiful". This mop polishes floor and at the same time it removes dust. The price is 30 yen a day.


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2019年1月25日 (金)

柑橘類 食欲そそる 八角形



It does not rain for a while in Kanto region, and the air is dry. In such a case, virus is easy to scatter in the air, so that collective cold is prevailing in school, elderly facilities and so on. We should avoid crowds, ingest nutrition, move the body and improve our blood circulation. Citrus fruit is an abundant harvest in current season. There is an old-fashioned grocery near my home, and Hassuku of the photo including citric acid is available relatively cheaply. We have good appetite when arranging in octagon like a photo. Citrus fruits are considered to be effective in preventing cold.


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2019年1月15日 (火)

君子蘭 春を先取り 希望満ち


Plants are as if they already know the coming of spring. The buds of Kaffir lily in the corridor are bulging considerably. I give her water when the surface of the soil is dry. Although everyday human beings tremble in the cold, the sun's altitude is surely rising to 32.4 ° above the horizon in Gumma prefecture, Japan, and I am surprised by her vital energy to notice the natural phenomenon. Everyone, it is only 20 days until the beginning of spring. Please take physical condition management the same as kaffir lily.

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