2020年11月12日 (木)


What's the matter? Access to my blog is concentrated from all over Japan. It's about sumo injuries.

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2020年8月22日 (土)



 私たちが見る殆どのシャクナゲは西洋シャクナゲです。しかし、写真は数少ない貴重な「日本シャクナゲ」です。どうしても大きく成長させたいので、秋になったら良い場所に植えかえる予定です。Root competition(他の植物の根の侵入)を防ぎ、今度の場所は冬暖かく夏涼しい場所です。


 Most of the rhododendrons we see are Western rhododendrons. However, "Japanese rhododendron" in the photo is few and a valuable. I really want to grow big, so I will replant it in a good place in the autumn. Preventing root competition (root invasion by other plants), this time, the place is warm in winter and cool in summer.

 The color of the flower is natural and very soft. I am already looking forward to due to the buds for next spring. By the way, how to distinguish them is that the back of Japanese rhododendron leaves are not green but ocher. There are only two Japanese rhododendrons in my garden.



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2020年5月 1日 (金)






 Everybody, Good morning. You must have cut out one calendar this morning. I've been using it as memo papers for a long time. It's very convenient. For instance, I write down when I hit upon a wonderful idea, and I came up with new words including English words that I heard on TV or radio. And I look them up later.

 As you can see, the number of papers has increased considerably so far. If you cut the calendar in 1 / 8th, it's just a suitable size to use. Please try to use it effectively.

 By the way, I went to my daughter's home last night by the yellow car, and we had a good time with a drink, and I returned home this morning.



 The engine was in excellent condition.



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2020年4月12日 (日)






 There is a new antivirus bench in the world, and I feel a little lonely to talk about love with sweetheart. This photo is from Mr. Barry Spence's friend in New Zealand. He has stayed and we "Bottoms up" at my home.

 It is a well-thought bench that reflects the severe times and we can't see in Japan. Love is indispensable even in tough times

 Also, when I went to the supermarket yesterday, the line of people waiting for the checkout was 2m apart. The virus infects from person to person. Particularly it enters through the mucous membranes in the mouth, eyes, and nose, and our hands mediate it. Wash your hands before touching your face and after getting your change.


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2020年3月11日 (水)






 The new virus is highly infectious so that people tend to remain in doors and from children to the elderly sit for a long time, of course, it is lack exercise. Yesterday it was raining in Japan, so I walked on the first floor in the house. The number of steps is 80 steps per round, so it is about 50m per round. For this reason, I made 20 laps. This is approximately 1000m.

 After the measurement, the pulse indicated 110 which is 1.5 times of normal, so it is considered to be good blood circulation. From now on, I will walk with the posture first. 



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2020年2月28日 (金)





 There is a Tsukiyama that means a man-made mountain in the center of the garden, and "Bicolored weeping peach" is planted on the top. The flowering season is the peach festival in the lunar calendar, and now is the season when the buds swell. She needs enough water to bloom well, so yesterday I carried soil from elsewhere and made the summit pond bigger.

 Watering here is my daily routine morning and evening, and water soaks into the ground. Which will be the winner compared with Genji (Red) or Heike (White) this spring? Working like a gardener is a fun hobby. That's because there is a sure natural gift called flowering.




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2019年9月12日 (木)

大相撲 怪我の原因 土俵の高さ








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2019年1月 2日 (水)

山小屋風 浮世を離れて 憩う客


 At a glance, my house is a two-storied house with a Japanese style. However, there is a large space under the roof, so that a wide space was created behind the ceiling. And when the carpenter decorated the interior, it became a mountain hut style. The first sunrise this year was visible from here. I can see Mt. Asama and Mt. Haruna from the western window. I hope to make effective use of this room this year. Until now, I hoisted a black flag from the window so as to fly racing pigeons for a long time. Next time, I will invite visitors here from NZ to chat and give them some tea while watching the splendid mountainous scenery.
P1070178 【初日の出はここで見る】

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