2021年4月 6日 (火)


 This is a Western rhododendron. Why is it such a color? Only the edge of the petal is red. It is thought that it happens to become a mysterious pattern by crossing various kinds of rhododendrons each other.
 I will continue to carefully raise it and make it larger tree as a whole, and research it so as to bloom a lot. It will be bloom for a while, so please visit me if you are near including NZ.

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2021年3月 9日 (火)


 Human's living while preserving resources and the natural environment is precious I think. This seems to be sustainable in English. As you can see, the water that has fallen on the roof of the garage due to the recent spring rain is collected. Originally it was used by my late parents during the World War Ⅱ, but in peaceful times I use it for watering plants . Of course, it is also fire protection water.
 In addition, there has been a well since my parents' days, which I also use to water all the plants in the garden, which is my daily routine. The more I use the water that comes out inexhaustibly when I twist the faucet, the more the water becomes better.
 There is no water bill for both fire prevention water and well water, and it makes me feel I'm getting something. Am I stingy? But I'm going to do something good for the planet.

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2020年11月30日 (月)


 The photo shows the same tangerine tree which I see every day. However, if comparing them day by day, as autumn deepens, I noticed that the color has changed considerably. Wild birds will instinctively notice that this change becomes sweetened. The same as kumquats, I noticed traces of bird's picking.
 As a nutrient, tangerine is rich in vitamin C that is said to boost immunity and preventing cold and arteriosclerosis.
 When I was a kid, I had fun memories of eating tangerines while chatting with a family of eight at a kotatsu that is a Japanese traditional foot warmer. Where have they all gone?

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2020年6月26日 (金)





 Unusually it's foggy this morning. This is a phenomenon which minute drops of water envelop like smoke and cover the surface of the ground when the atmospheric temperature went down and the vapor reaches the saturation point, as if it was in a cloud.

 Especially when driving on a highway in the mountains, we cannot see ahead, so we have to slow down. You may lose sight of yourself if you are covered with fog in the mountains.


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2020年6月25日 (木)






 This year I was able to harvest a lot of fruits in the garden. The tree is about 3 years old, but the fruit you see is apricot. I will taste it from now on. Until now, there are kumquat, plum, loquat, and apricot.

 Among these, I think that the eldest daughter will make plum wine. But two-thirds of plum were falling, It's a waste.

 By the way, today using loquat seeds, I will make loquat liquor. Does it become really delicious? I can't forget the taste I used to drink at the tavern named "Dondon" near Takasaki station. I will challenge that taste again.


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2020年6月10日 (水)





 This year, plum in the garden is a rich harvest, and about 30kg had already fallen naturally. Last Saturday, my eldest daughter came and picked about 30kg. 30kg is quite heavy. Since she is a heavy drinker, so she probably makes plum wine. I think plum juice is also delicious. However, it is still estimated to grow about 60K on the tree, and the branches are likely to break due to its weight.

 If you like plums, please visit me and pick it without hesitation. It's free. Originally I planted it to see the flowers. This is "weeping plum". The flowers are beautiful and the fruits are large.


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2020年2月 3日 (月)





 At last I was able to focus well. This is "Weeping white plum", and the tree has become amazingly large. As you can see, the inside of buds are white. It will be bloomed a little at the first day of spring that is "Risshun" in our tongue. I can harvest the fruits in June.

 Last year, the eldest daughter brought me plum wine made from this plum. She is strong in alcohol so that her made-plum wine includes strong alcohol as well. I must dilute because I am weak in alcohol as you know. Water is given to the roots of the tree every day, so a lot of flowers are likely to bloom this spring beyond expectation.


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2020年2月 1日 (土)





 One month of Reiwa 2 has already ended. I'm asking myself if there was any harvest in the past month. At last, a flower of plum blossomed this morning. It is a red plum of a variety called Kagoshima. Due to too warm, the buds of the five plums in the garden are swelling, and it is likely to bloom considerably in "the first day of spring named Risshun". It is exactly just like plum grove "Bairin". Please come to see if you are near hear.


 By the way, unusually my name has the letter of "fragrance". In China, women often have fragrance in their names pronounced Shan. In Japan, there are few examples for men. My father named estimated 200 people in his lifetime, but since his last child was born as a boy, he would have chosen the letter of "fragrance". Perhaps there was a plum tree in the garden for a long time, so he liked the fragrance of plum like me. I should have asked the reason why my name was included the letter of fragrance before my father died. It's too late now. The damage is done.



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2019年5月 6日 (月)

























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2019年2月23日 (土)

春近し いかにせよとの この頃か


The season is approaching real spring and it is in late February today, and the weeping red plum in the front yard bloomed considerably. Today 's sun will rise at 6:23 and sunset will be at 17:32. The sun's altitude is 43 degrees. By the way, since the solar altitude of the winter solstice is 30 degrees, so the current sun at noon has become high considerably. This is the reason why the axis of our earth revolves pointing to the direction of the North Star constantly.

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