2022年4月13日 (水)

二色の桜 何と表現 美の極み

Dear my friends who love music and cherry
  The climate has warmed in Gumma prefecture, and the double cherry blossom that my late father planted more than half a century ago has bloomed this morning. If you look closely at the flowers, you can see bicolor, light pink and white.
  This double cherry starts to bloom after the ordinary cherry blossoms are over. This cherry is luxurious and has an atmosphere that can be said to be the queen of flowers. It hangs down from the branches and blooms like cherries.
  The parking lot is equipped, so please come and see it.
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2021年6月16日 (水)

屋敷稲荷 我が家を見守り 一世紀

 The leaves of a silk tree named "Nemu no Ki" in Japanese are rapidly growing from the seedlings and covers the top of the individual shrine named Inari-sama in the east of the premises. A mysterious flower which is reminiscent of the Pure Land of Perfect Bliss blooms at the top of this tree now.
 On the other hand, this Shrine was engraved that my late father asked stonemason to carve it in the beginning of Showa Era (96 years ago) on the back side. Therefore, the shrine has been watching and guarding the house and family for about a century. The mansion festival is held on December 15th every year by me, but I also worship every time, if necessary.
 So far, I'm healthy and happy with music, English, plant care, social service (garbage disposal for the elderly, school roads patrol for elementary school students), muscle training, etc. After all I find it unnatural to live alone with no one to talk to.

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2021年5月16日 (日)

倉賀野に 泳いでいます 鯉のぼり


 昨日の夕方のウォーキングで東端の倉賀野緑地まで行きました。帰路は多少コースを変えて歩いたところ、下町地区に珍しく懐かしい「鯉のぼり」が東よりの風を受けて泳いでいるではありませんか。 暫くぶりに見るので、その豪快な姿に見とれていました。いかにも日本の風景です。


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORO9_KMVy44 ※改めて聴くと素晴らしい歌詞と旋律です。

 I went to Kuragano greenary park named Ryokuchi at the eastern end by walking yesterday evening. On the way back, I walked on a slightly different course, and found that a nostalgic carp streamer which is rare in the Shimocho area, and it is swimming in the wind from the east. I saw it for the first time in a while, so I was fascinated by its dynamic appearance. It's a Japanese landscape since the ancient era I guess.

 My parents gave my grandson [my nephew], who was born in the neighborhood, my father named him hajime because he was the first grandson for my parents, and I remembered that my parents gave a big carp streamer as a gift. Currently, he lives far away in Chiba prefecture and is early on his 60th birthday.



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2021年3月16日 (火)


 The photo shows a "Spirea" that blooms currently 80% in full bloom. It will be in full bloom on the vernal equinox day every year. The flowering of plants may be related to hours of sunshine. Today's sunrise in Takasaki City, Japan is 5:54, sunset is 17:52, and the length of the day is 11 hours and 58 minutes. By the way, the daylight hours on the vernal equinox are 12 hours 07 minutes. Therefore, it will be in full bloom when the day and night times are the same.
 This spire was gotten somewhere by my late father more than half a century ago, but I replanted it here about 10 years ago, so it has been blooming beyond generations. In the garden, flowering peaches such as several "Bicolored weeping" and rhododendrons will continue to bloom.
When I was young, I liked only music and I wasn't interested in plants, but it's probably heredity. My age is approaching to my parents who loved flowers, so I am fond of flowers now. Plum blossoms begins in February, and many flowers continue to bloom in the garden until the end of September. Of course, I like music through life.

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2019年12月15日 (日)





 Although I am the only one in my home, it will be held “Yashiki Festival”that literally means premises festival in Japan on December 15th today. I will pray the Inari-sama as you see that my late father made in the early Showa era about 90 years ago, but unfortunately I visit outside the prefecture today.

 So I don't do anything flashy this time, just pray and appreciate for the safety of this year. When the daughters with their family come at the end of the year, we will give lively offerings and pray for family's health and the premises.


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2019年12月13日 (金)






 The camera is new so I'm not used to it yet. I want to focus for the time being. This image was good in focus somehow. I want to get better photos gradually.

 The photo is a magnolia that already has buds. This was planted 55 years ago by my late father, and even if it doesn't have the Lord, it can bloom purple flowers every year. In addition, there are still 13 kinds of trees planted by the late father in the garden. As a child, I want to pruned firmly and water it. 

 Today is Friday's 13th. But there are things that I'm happy about. Today is the last pension day of this year.


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2007年9月 9日 (日)










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