2019年12月12日 (木)





 Though it is getting colder and colder now, the buds of the plum tree in the garden are already swelled and ready for spring. This variety is “Omoinomama" that literally means as you wish.

 In other words, two kinds of red and white flowers bloom on this one plum tree. If we see white flowers, we want to see red flowers. This plum tree will come true with a single tree. Will my life gradually become "as I wish" in the near future and will red and white flowers in my life bloom?




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2019年12月11日 (水)






 In this season, the food may be rich and abundant for wild birds. And on the photo above is the pyracantha estimated 1000 seeds. On the photo below is called the Chinese bamboo or nandin estimated number of 300 seeds. These will be all eaten up by wild birds in the near future.

 In early winter, many leaves will fall, but the both are evergreen, and the conspicuous color may have been taught the feeds here for wild birds. This will also collect human's gaze during this season in the bleak garden.



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2019年12月 4日 (水)







 There is an agricultural pond named “Koike” near the Kuragano station. As the rice fields gradually decreased so that the area of it became smaller than when I was a child.

 In early winter, as you can see, many ducks are flying from Siberia or Kamchatka Peninsula I guess. The habit of traveling between Japan and the continent seems to have continued since prehistoric times.

 By the way, there are still no swans in Kabra-river where is my walking course. Now is the season when swans are flying from the continent soon. I will upload a photo when they come flying from Siberia to Japan.



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2019年10月12日 (土)





 Be one of the most vigilant due to river flooding! An emergency release of the dam is planned. In Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture, the atmospheric pressure has become a record low. Currently, after 8pm, Typhoon No. 19 is crossing the Kanto region. The barometer points to 984 hectopascals. Usually, my blood pressure is high, but my body is somehow easy.now. A typhoon may not only leave a natural disaster but also contribute to blood pressure. Similarly, earthquake occurs with a high probability due to high surface of the sea when a typhoon passes. This is also thought to be related to the low pressure.


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2019年9月30日 (月)







 Finally, today is the last day of September. I feel that the passage of time is really swift, but is there any progress in my life during September?

 By the way, the five passenger cars that I purchased were all two-door coupes only. This photo is 25 years ago. At that time, the Isuzu 117 Coupe was already finished to sell. However, I really wanted to get it, so looked for it in a monthly magazine about nostalgic cars. I went to Obuchizawa, Nagano prefecture by train, and bought it by private sale. Then I returned home at Takasaki-city by this car through the highway. The action was young, wasn't it?

 The photo was taken in front of the prefectural Maebashi high school entrance. If we look now, the type is old.


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2019年9月29日 (日)





 Before going out in autumn, yesterday I had the battery's life checked at Audi Takamae Service Factory. I was relieved that the result was still fine. The mileage 58000km is less in 10 years since purchase. I cannot buy the same model before the consumption tax rises.

 However, "Life needs a dream" so I want to buy it once more in the future. Of course, the body color is sky blue. I will also feel younger. Is there a cue to buy it?





 There will be 93 days left this year. From now on, I would like to go to mountains and fields and move the body for sweaty exercises in the midst of autumn. I am older than many of you, so I try to eat mainly protein and calcium for anti-locomotive syndrome and sarcopenia.

 On the other hand, as a measure against senile dementia which is said that 1 out of 6 people suffer over the age of 65, so I try music performance and memorizing English words, and above all, social life is considered to be very important. However, I want to break down the current environment.


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2019年9月11日 (水)






 Today is the 220th day. While the right ascension indicating the position of the celestial body is counted from the vernal equinox, the 220th day is counted from the beginning of spring. Typhoons often come before and after this day. And since the Edo period, farmers and fishermen have to be careful because there was not weather forecast at that time.

 On the other hand, when this day passes, there will be 12 days until the autumnal equinox. The hot and cold can be said till both equinox. The daylight hours will decrease and we feel lonely. Human society should be at least bright. Yes, let's go to a spa in Gumma prefecture in the fall. Cacky goes again!


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2019年8月31日 (土)





 August ends today, and the first week of September we plan to patrol the safety for the students of local Kuragano Elementary School every morning. There is also a disaster prevention drill soon organized by the neighborhood association. This time, all the participants are going to experience how to deal with smoke in the room. It's a good opportunity to know the feeling of fear when we can't see anything with smoke. However, in an actual fire, high heat is added to this. Everybody, let's be careful not to cause a fire.

 On the other hand, it is thought that the basic elements that are important for getting older are 1, proper diet, 2, moderate exercise, 3, appropriate sociality, so I would like to keep close contact with people in the district.


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2019年8月27日 (火)


P1030902  8月も下旬となり、トンボが飛び始めてます。庭で鳴く蝉はツクツクボウシが多くなり、季節の移り変わりを感じます。私はこの蝉の鳴き方が次のように聞えます。


ここをクリック→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIXb61S9r4E

 Late August has come, dragonflies began to fly. Especially a lot of loud chorus of tsukutsuboboushi cicada have increased in the garden, so I feel the change of season. I can hear this cicada's sound like this:

 They squeak Ohshin Tsukutsuku, Oshin Tsukutsuku 7-8 times, and at last [Summer] Moy Yohs, Moy Yohs. Sound like I need not hot summer any longer. How can you hear this cicada's voice?


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2019年8月 8日 (木)








 紀元前のメソポタミア時代が起源で、その後、バビロニア時代の人類の先達は太陽の背景にあるこれら黄道十二星座=eliptical constelationsの存在を知り、それらの前を、一見、太陽が移動するかのように見え、一周すると一年であることに気づいたのでしょう。


 一方、地球の地軸はコマのように少しずつ変化し、当時と現在では月日と黄道十二星座が一致しません。その一つの証拠が、北回帰線のことを英語でthe Tropic of Cancerと命名されてることで分かります。 










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