2023年1月 8日 (日)




Dear my overseas friend who like mountaineering
 This time, I am honored that my clumsy weblog article was published in Kuragano-Town's "Kami 4 Chojukai that means Longevity meeting Announcement Edition" at the beginning of 2023.
 This was previously published in the Jomo Newspaper readers' column, "Hiroba". The content is about my impressions of climbing Mt. Choshichiro which is the easternmost peak of Mt. Akagi together with 5 people of neighbors.
※interpretation of the article 
 Every year on the morning of New Year's Day, I climb mountains in the Gumma prefecture with my neighbors. At the top of the mountain, we have a party to drink sake and eat ozoni that means Japanese traditional cuisine mixed with rice cake and vegetables.
  We went to Mt. Akagi this year. We sit down in the sunny place on the southern side where we can see Mt. Fuji, and look down on the great plain and toast to the New Year. When we look in the sunny southeast direction, we can clearly see the skyscrapers of the Shinjuku subcenter in Tokyo. What's more, in the background, the reddish sea which is reflected in the sunlight, Tokyo Bay can be seen long and wide.
 At the top of the mountain, the five of us were surprised and delighted by this discovery, and forgot about the passage of time with hot sake and ozoni. I am grateful for the blessings of this great nature, and this year I will tackle everything with a fresh feeling.
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2022年12月30日 (金)

驚き! 倉賀野から丁須岩が見える

Dear my overseas friends who are crazy about mountaineering
 This photo is Mt. Myogi which is one of the three well-known mountains in Gumma prefecture, taken by me from Kuragano-
town where I live. "Jomo Karuta" which is Japanese syllabary cards also mentions that Mt. Myogi shines in autumn leaves.
 The peaks on the left are called Omote Myogi including the famous Cannon Rock. The peaks on the right are called Ura Myogi including the well-known Chohsu Rock. Generally, people go to Omote Myogi and Ura Myogi is for expert climbers, but both are rock climbing, so it's still very steep. Fall accidents often occur.
 I have never climbed Chohsu Rock in Ura Myogi, but my friend and niece have climbed it and said it takes a lot of courage. For that reason, the impression of climbing must be great.
 Actually, when I enlarged this photo, I was really surprised because Chohsu Rock is visible. Because I didn't expect to see it from Kuragano-town. If you zoom in on the photo, you can definitely see the rock in the shape of "choh" in Chinese character.
 I thought it would not be visible from Kuragano-town because it was about 45km far away in a straight line, and it was too small to notice with the naked eye. However, since I can actually see it, it is important for us to accept reality as it is carefully without being bound by preconceptions.
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2022年11月14日 (月)

倉賀野邦楽舞踊公演で 内容の幅広さに驚く

Dear my overseas friends who are interested in Japanese culture
 Yesterday, I went to "Kuragano Traditional Japanese Music and Dance Association Performance" for the first time, and appreciated all 22 programs of Japanese performing arts that are different from the culture as usual for me, for three hours without breaks.
 I am surprised that there are many people in the world who devote themselves to their fields of specialty, such as singing, dancing, shigin, and Japanese instruments, seeking "peace of mind" and "fulfillment of mind" every day. I freshly felt that performing arts are essential and for human's greatest satisfaction.
 The performers are relatively old, but many of them are familiar faces since long time ago. I notice that performance of arts are indispensable for humans.
 The woman in the photo is Ms. Naomi, a former Takasaki City Councilor. Since her late husband was one of my close friends, we have met many times and have a close relationship. However, I learned for the first time that she is doing Japanese dance as a hobby, and I feel like "a talented hawk hides its claws.''
 Through her passionate dance, I was impressed that spirituality of her daily life have different from others. Also, I was really surprised that the woman who acted as MC and performed her own dance was my classmate Ms. Tomoko of my elementary school days.
 The program covers a wide range of activities, including taishokoto, sumo jinku, poetry, folk songs, dance, shakuhachi, shamisen, koto traditional music, and sword dance. Already at the 18th presentation this year, I left for home while feeling a new side of Kuragano townspeople on a late autumn day.
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2022年10月 1日 (土)

高齢化 ますます大切 支え合い

Dear my friends who hope health
 As I get older, it feels like a year goes by very quickly, and today is October. In addition to patrols of school routes to ensure the safety of elementary school students, I will be walking with many elementary school students like an excursion because the group return from school that was canceled due to the corona disaster will be resumed.
 On the other hand, I will attend the Kuragano-District Mutual Supporters Council. This is an “organization that supports elderly people who need support in their daily lives so as to be able to continue to live at home with a definite purpose in Kuragano, where they are accustomed to live.” We help elderly people living alone who are unexpectedly numerous, for instance, to take out the trash and other things.
 Not change the subject, but, I received the result of "lung cancer and tuberculosis" that I had a checkup a month ago, and I was happy to say that there was "no abnormality".
 Even now, even if we don't smoke, we are still at risk of unknowingly inhaling harmful substances such as nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. In modern medicine, sidestream smoke is considered several times more dangerous than mainstream smoke.
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2022年9月 6日 (火)


Dear my friends who like alcohol the same as me
 This time, my clumsy blog's article was published in the Kuragano Town Kam-four District "Longevity Newsletter". The content is my impression about the sake named "Kuragano" that I wrote in Facebook before.
 Since I was born, I have lived in Kuragano-town, except for I have lived in India for two years as a teacher of Japanese school in Calcutta-city in my twenties, and from now on I who is a boozer will stay Kuragano-town for the rest of my life. For this reason, I was really happy when I knew about the sake brand Kuragano.
 By the way, too much physical exercise and alcohol are bad for our health, so I'd like to drink alcohol in moderation and continue to drink the famous sake "Kuragano" to relax my mind and promote blood flow. You will be able to taste the delicious sake "Kuragano" when you jump in at my garden.

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2022年6月10日 (金)

健康と 歴史探訪兼ね 倉賀野を歩く 

Dear my foreign friends who are interested in history
 Today, I took a walk in the old Kuragano from 9:30 am. Of course it is the same speed as walking as usual. First, I stopped by Kuhonji temple so as to greet my ancestors and wife.
 After that, I walked to the eastern direction and visited the nightlight at Emmado, which indicates that old Kuragano was the fork to Edo that means Tokyo of today and Nikko, and I reconfirmed the geographical meaning of Kuragano-town.
 Under the nightlight, it is engraved that the sumo wrestler's names passed on a local tour, such as a famous Raiden. Then, I went around the "Greenery Park" at the eastern end of the destination.
 On my way back, I saw the "Kuragano Omotenashikan" that means a hospitality mansion for break, but the size and shape of the house I lived in until I was 20 years old is entirely similar, and I felt nostalgic for the thick wall of about 20 cm.
 I returned home at 11 o'clock and immediately drank a glass of concentrated soy milk to supplement protein. Immediately after returning home, the pulse is 105.
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2022年3月23日 (水)

公園で 行われてる ラジオ体操

Img_1088 Img_1089
Dear my friend who likes an active life
 Every morning, I walk out of my house at 6:15 and participate in a radio calisthenics held at 6:30 at Kuragano-kami forth Park. Mr. Oshima is the official leader of radio calisthenics at this meeting. He had ever been to teach Japanese people living in South America to spread radio calisthenics.
 If I look closely at his movements, every detail is formal. For example, raising and lowering the heels, stretching the arms. Above all, the overall posture is correct and the movement is smooth.
 On the other hand, what I keep in mind in radio calisthenics is to "Widen the range of motion of joints and stretch muscles well" throughout the body. As a result, I became hungry, so the breakfast [rice with miso soup, natto with mozuku that means edible seaweed and raw egg] is very delicious. Radio calisthenics begins an active day for me.
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2021年9月28日 (火)

今もなお 風格漂う 古民家あり

Dear my overseas friends
 Along the old Japan National Route 17 in my Kuragano-Town, an artistic old folk house which is estimated to be about 100 years old, still stands in an unshaken style. I remember being a rice shop when I was a child, but now it may be a vacant house. Because the curtains are always closed and I have never seen people coming and going.
 Even so, I can imagine that the roof is quite wide and the second floor is also large. I'm sure there are people who manage this good preservation. According to my late mother, I heard that the person in this family had participated in Koshien stadium as a baseball player of Takasaki High School of commerce before the World War Ⅱ.

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2021年8月 3日 (火)

倉賀野を 倉賀野かるたで 学び直す 

 I will go to the district "Radio Gymnastics" this morning as well. This exercise is strange because all Japanese can do it at the same time at 6:30 AM. My main purpose is to avoid stooped posture, even if I get older.
 Similarly, there is something that every Gumma citizens can do. It's Johmoh Karuta that means cards. By playing the cards, everyone knows the historical sites in Gumma prefecture, historical figures, and nature of Gumma prefecture, after all they want to visit them. Recently, Kuragano cards were created in Kuragano Town where I live. Of course it explains historically about my town.

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2021年6月28日 (月)

コンクリ減らし 緑の中に暮らす 熱中症対策
















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