2018年9月21日 (金)




Every year, I weeded in the middle of August, but due to I was in poor health this year, weeding became late than usual. Yesterday I had weeded early in the morning, but the area that I weeded already is still about 50% of the whole garden. If it does not rain today, I will get up early and weed. I would like to recover my physical condition which can be said "It's a cinch".

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2018年9月19日 (水)



As expected, tonight the moon and Mars are closer than yesterday. I guess they will be more closer tomorrow night. And the day after tomorrow they gradually depart. The same as this astronomical phenomenon, by this balance what human relations may be sometimes close or sometimes far apart, perhaps can maintain good relationship forever.

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Even if any small thing changes to a better way in our daily life, we are delighted. Though I wrote it before, it is a tooth brushing method. When polishing the front side of upper teeth, I polish with the toothbrush vertically. As a result, I was able to polish beautifully and hygienically. I was taught this method by a nearby female dentist. Today I will go to the dental checkup every four months. And the dentist in charge of me recommended me to be diagnosed once again next week.
On the other hand, sometimes, if you feel a slight arrhythmia, turn the left hand like a crawl of swimming. I lost my stiffness in the shoulder blade and afterward my arrhythmia has disappeared.

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2018年9月18日 (火)




In appearance, the moon and Mars are closer together day by day from this evening. On 20th the both will be closest, it seems to be a rendezvous in the universe. Moon and Mars revolve from west to east everyday. Since the Earth's revolution is inside the Mars, so that Mars will be left behind and gradually go to the west. This astronomical phenomenon is visible in the southern hemisphere such as New Zealand as well.  

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Plants know their season when they shine. Mayumi in the garden is giving us peace in the prime now. Mayumi probably knows that the current sun's altitude fell south about 23 degrees than summer solstice. It will be Autumnal Equinox Day soon in the Northern hemisphere. There are still 100 days this year so that we can do sufficiently what we left behind.

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2018年9月16日 (日)



The other day, there was a hit-and-run incident by drunk driving caused by a former celebrity in Tokyo. The vivid sight was aired on TV many times, and everybody became frightened to drive. By the way, the signs of two diamonds drawn on the road urge the driver to warn that "there is a pedestrian crossing ahead". If there are diamonds, there is a possibility that people or bicycles may be crossing ahead. So we should drive so as to stop. Especially at winding road, we can not see ahead. We should notice diamonds as soon as possible.

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2018年9月14日 (金)




There are bats at the attic of my house and the next door. Today, the neighbor asked the dealer to exterminate the bats inhabiting in his loft, then bats were surprised and jumped out during the daytime. Immediately they were caught by a kite. When I heard this, I thought that the bat became nocturnal because they had to escape from natural enemies since prehistoric times. Peaceful kite of bird drawing circles in the sky is ferocious to live. The natural enemies of racing pigeons that I am keeping are hawks and falcons. Sometimes they are caught in the sky. By the way, my natural enemy existed long before, but it is in heaven.

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This picture is a rhododendron taken in April. The actual color is not white but light cream, and the flowers are big than expectation. The breed name is Phyllis con. Although it is in the middle of September now, she has already plenty of buds and prepares to bloom next spring. Now may be time when we prepare for the future as well. There are only 100 days left in this year. I will study a little in fall. By the way, song "Summer memories" has lyrics of "Twilight with rhododendron", but what on earth, what kind of color is pointing at? In fact, the colors of rhododendrons vary widely.

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2018年9月13日 (木)


The climate has suddenly changed. Everyday, I have been wearing a short sleeves and shorts so far, but I changed both long. During this season it is important to manage the body so as not to cool. Of course, not only adults but small children are liable to breath cold air and cough. Today I am going to patrol the school road for elementary school students' safety at leaving school time. Meanwhile, I think that walking figure and health are related, and as our posture tends to become worse with age, I try to correct myself.

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2018年9月12日 (水)



The other day, I knew that I was suffering from anemia by the blood test, The doctor in charge recommended me to inspect the large intestine's precise examination because of the doubt that blood might leak from somewhere in my body. But the result was minus so that I was very delighted. Recently I don't feel tired of my body after eating guts. I will carry out the blood test again in October to improve the numerical value of anemia. I will review my diet due to living alone.

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